At a Glance
We are a growing manufacturer of Public Address System since 1999, offering conventional, digital and IP based PA solutions.

Our Pledge
We take great pride to introduce ourselves as a dynamic PA System manufacturer, located in Puchong, Malaysia.

We offers solutions for PA Installation and that is solely what we had been concentrating. We came in, from being a user, integrator and as a result, we are an understanding manufacturer that listen and react according to contemporary needs. We take pride of being small to be close to our associates but big enough to deliver to their satisfaction. Our records do the talking and we shall strive to enhance in every area to deliver the best.

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FI6000 Fire Alarm Interface :

Introducing another new member of Amperes range of products...FI6000, a fully programmable phase evacuation controller, which is a part of requirement in EN54. It can be easily integrated with other Amperes equipment such as Zone Decoder / Selectors, Voice Message Player, Timer etc to form a system that can be interfaced with building fire alarm system for phase evacuation purposes.

BC9740 24V DC Automatic Battery Charger :

Meet the all new next generation of innovative Battery Charger, which has been engineered to meet the requirement of installers and users alike. It is compact in 1 HU height, built with the latest technology for efficient charging, controls and monitoring purpose.

iPX5101 and iPX5151 :

iPX5100 ( Ethernet paging server ) and iPX5150 ( Ethernet paging client ) are both replaced by iPX5101 and iPX5151 respectively. More features and extra flexibility are added enabling the system to be expanded and cater for larger systems.

AX3800 Auto Standby Amplifier Fault Changeover :

We would like to announce the discontinuance of AX3700 ( 6 ch Auto Amplifier Changeover ) with immediate effect. This shall be replaced by AX3800 which has been upgraded to 8 channels, shorter detection time and improved circuitries. Look out for details to be available soon. Letter of discontinuance can be downloaded from “Product” page.

iPX5200 IP Network Audio / BGM Server :

iPX5200 is IP Network Audio / BGM Server ( Network Audio Inserter ), which would enable analogue audio output from players to be fed into the IP network and played at iPX5300 music client at remote buildings.


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PT1801 The New Weekly Program Timer :

The new PT1801 shall be available soon. Program setting has been made easier which can be done via PC interface. A programming software is available for free download, which makes the times setting, modification & data retrieval a lot simpler than before.


Introducing the all new PMX II, a much improved version over its predecessor, is now loaded with more features, flexibility stability & overall appearance. ( PMX II Xtended LAN is now available )

2015 / 2016 Amperes Catalogue :

New 'Amperes catalogues' are now available check out for latest models in this version.

iPX5300 [ Ethernet Music Client ] :

Need to broadcast pure music via LAN to remote buildings or locations?.  iPX5300 is a solution, which receives data packets from a centralized PC and plays MP3 of up to 320 kpbs quality in stereo mode. It is suitable for large complexes such as Universities, multiple blocks complex and so forth.

Product Warranty :

We had extended our warranty period to 36 months from the date of purchase. This applies to Malaysia territory. For other areas, please contact your local distributor.