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There is always a need to regulate the speaker volume in areas which has significant variance of ambience noise level between different time in a day, such as in public area ie. bus station, airports, etc.

AV7200 controls the speaker volume automatically by reducing or increasing the 100V line output from amplifier to the localised area, which the unit shall be located. Unlike most AVC, AV7200 controls the 100V speaker line instead of audio signal prior to amplifier input.

This would enable the unit to be applied to existing system without having to run additional microphone cable to the main rack. It can be installed next to the existing volume controller at the particular area and powered by a 24V power adaptor. A significant cost saving shall be achieved with this method.



TICK Installation at localised area (at existing volume controller) without additional cable re-run (easily retrofit to existing system)
TICK 100V speaker line control with 6 step attenuation
TICK Adjustable noise sensing sensitivity
TICK Built in overriding relay for emergency volume bypass



Power rating
100W 100V line
Operating voltage 24V DC : 40mA
Attenuation 6 steps ; -6 dB per step
Emergency overriding 24V DC ; 0.15A
Sensitivity adjustment 2 level
Dimension (WxHxD) 247 x 87 x 50 mm
Weight (excl. enclosure) 1.1 kg