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Model PM1010


Analogue Paging Microphone

PM1010 and PM1030 are newly designed desktop gooseneck microphones with contemporary outlooks suitable for general purpose paging applications. PM1010 is a basic version with simple press to talk without chime whereas its sibling, PM1030 comes with pre announcement chime, paging contact and chime volume controls, which is designed for commercial applications. Both models had been tuned to perform better than its predecessors and shall be the right choice for your paging needs.




*coming soon 



IP Emergency Paging Panel

Another new addition to IP System range of products. Apart from having all the features from the conventional EP1200, this new product shall enable integration of Emergency Calling to the entire IP network / LAN without having to add an interface in between. Connections has been made simpler and configurations can be easily performed via its user friendly web interface.


Model DP2240 



Multi Channel Class D Digital Power Amplifiers

Introducing a new member of Power Amplifier series - DP2240 and DP4240. Both are multi channel Class D amplifiers offering high power efficiency, wide frequency response and also compact in size.

DP2240 is 2 ch 240W 100V while DP4240 is 4 x 240W 100V version. Both are now available in stock.



Model TD6400

2 x 4 Ch Zone Decoder / Matrix Extender

Another addition to the Zone Decoder / Selector series. TD6400 is an eight zone decoder split into 2 groups ; being 2 x 4 Ch Output. 

It enables more flexible zone grouping ie. zones fed from amplifier or amplifiers with same audio input can be further expanded without interrupting other groups whenever paging is made. This is useful in matrix system setup, thus it is also called Matrix Extender. Another useful feature is the flexible starting address of a group, which would reduce redundancy of unused zones.


Model iPA5060



Ethernet Amplifier Terminal with Local Audio Input

It is a remote IP based amplifier terminal for decentralised system, suitable for applications in classrooms, parks, resorts etc. It has local input for mic / line level which can be interrupted by central PA for essential paging... and providing cost savings in cabling works.



Model PD1900

Touch Screen Paging Microphone

PD1900 is the latest addition of paging microphone with 7" touch screen LCD panel. It has various features required to make paging simpler with vivid colours.

more than just manufacturing


Services -

At Amperes, we do not just sell, we assist Consulting Engineers / owners  in initial design stage by providing right solutions minus unnecessary frills within the right budget while without compromising the quality and specifications of system.

We believe in quality system installation works at racks, and choose our appointed installer for a satisfactory finishing.

As a critical system during duress, system failure may be catastrophic and thus, any prolonged downtime should be avoided.

Amperes places importance on this situation and we always ensure fast turnaround for service of equipment.

More than just manufacturing



We assist in design concepts to suit to the needs, best in functionality and economic sense minus unnecessary items in overly designed proposals.

Our goal is simply " Keep it simple and yet functional beyond expectations "



We offer rack installation services and you shall be assured of high quality finishing and comprehensive Testing and Commissioning from our qualified personnel.

Never settle for less than pleasant workmanship as this would affect the reputation of your company.


After sales service is one of our core value. We understand the urgently of every equipment faulty and we would prioritize the needs to lessen the failure downtime.

We take pride of our low turn around time, typically in less than 48 hours



Product Discontinuance

CS510 and CS610 replaces CS510A and CS610A respectively. 

Letter of Discontinuance available upon request.

2019 / 20 Catalogue

Download 20th anniversary catalogue. Hard copy available upon request.

Amperes 2019/20 Catalogu Cover Page
New Product Coming Soon


Amperes Analogue Paging Microphone- PM1010


Analogue Paging Microphone

PM1010 and PM1030 are newly designed desktop gooseneck microphones with contemporary outlooks suitable for general purpose paging applications. 

Latest Upgrades

MR1301 - EVAC Voice Message Player

Model PT1801

Bugs fix to volume setting

Version 1.26 ( 31 Aug 2020 )

Bug fixes to Configurator and Firmware

-updated DEC2019

Product Upgrades

Firmware / software and features upgrades can be viewed at individual product page as well as summary page

Installation references


Part of installation references, full list available under "Project References"

Quarza Mall, KL East

Mega project of mix development located at East part of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Courtesy of Google image

Sabah International Convention Centre ( SICC, Kota Kinabalu )

A new landmark for city of KK, which would host various prominent events, located strategically with beautiful seafront.

Courtesy of Google image

Junction City 

(Yangon, Myanmar )

Largest mix development complex in Myanmar with hotel, shopping, residential and office blocks

Courtesy of Keppel Land

Min of Agri ( MOA ) Malaysia

Replacement of old system with IP to link two buildings via fiber network

Courtesy of MOA


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 Analogue Paging Microphone- PM1010