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Standby Amplifier Changeover 

8 duty / 1 standby Manual Amplifier Changeover Unit

Amperes 8/1 Manual Amp Changeover Unit - AC3801

Dual mode changeover - manual and remote trigger by amplifiers with AFS

Cascade enabling a single standby amplifier to serve more than 8 duty units

AC3801 succeeded its predecessor AC3601 and AX700, and now is presented as a combination of the two models in one unit with additional inputs for duty amplifiers. It is now with 8 duty / 1 standby, comes with priority changeover and cascade feature.

It has option for manual changeover or auto for amplifiers with fault detection contacts.

  • 8 duty / 1 standby capacity

  • Expandable / cascade for more than 8 duty amps with 1 standby

  • Single takeover to prevent overload

  • Prioritised changeover 

  • Manual front panel changeover selection

Cross References
Auto standby changeover unit
Technical Specifications

Operating voltage 

Power consumption


Zone load 




Switching mode  



Cable size  


Dimensions :   

Weight  :            

24V DC ; 0.2 A

Standby : 82 mW

Changeover : 1.5 W

500W  100V 
1000W 100V ( Option )

8 duty / 1 standby

Front panel LED

Front switch ( manual )

Dry contact ( auto )

Plug in connectors

2.5 mm


482 X 44 X 180 mm

1.95 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

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