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Input Sources and Controls

Event and Audio Recorder

Amperes AR1400 Event and Audio Recorder

AR1400 is a dual purpose device for event recordings and direct audio recorder. Every single paging activity shall be logged together with the audio messages and with its large memory bank, hundreds of hours of audio files can be saved. It is compatible for most analogue / conventional paging system, triggering via dry contacts. For installation using Amperes devices, input source shall be automatically recognized and recorded with time stamp. It is also compatible with Amperes iPX Ethernet Paging System.

It can also be used as normal audio recording devices such as in meeting room, with connection to mixer or audio conference system. 

AR1400 is built with web based technology. Accessing the unit to retrieve recorded files or setup and controls shall be via web browser. The unit's clock system can be synchronized to NTP to ensure accurate clock. Event logs can be exported to CSV file for hardcopy records.


Web based user interface for device access, setting and programming

Large memory of up to 32 GB for hundreds of hours of audio recording and event logs

Simultaneous audio recording for dual analogue inputs and iPX events.

  • 8 output ports

  • 250 preset times 

  • Free output-preset assignments

  • User interface software provided

  • RS485 data interface

  • Built in chime

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    



Output channels

Trigger mode    


Contact rating

Output chime  

Output level   

Out connection  

Data link   

Dimensions :  

Weight :    

24V DC





250 presets



Line 1.2V

Phone unbalanced


482 X 44 X 160mm

2 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note :

Firmware Ver 2.10
Config software : Ver 1.5

Please contact us for details

Rear View
PT1801 Rear LR.png
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