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Power Distributions

24V DC Automatic Battery Charger

Amperes 24V DC Automatic Battery Charger - BC9740

4A current regulated constant voltage charging 

Auto low battery disconnection to protect battery life

BC9740 is a microprocessor based charger for 24V DC battery bank with 4A capacity, suitable for SLA batteries of up to 100 Ah. It is engineered with latest technology for efficient charging, controls and with monitoring features.

It protects against battery terminal's wrong terminations, prolonging battery life with its monitoring circuit and providing RS485 data for external monitoring purpose. The compact unit with the LCD status display shall be the right choice for your back up power solutions.

RS485 communication port for remote monitoring via PMX II software

  • Constant DC voltage charging

  • 4A rating with reducing current charging

  • Built in surge protection

  • Output short circuit protection

  • Thermal overload sensors

  • Auto low battery disconnections

  • Battery reversed protection

  • RS485 comm port

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :  

Operating voltage  

Charging voltage  

Charging current 

Idle power cons.  

Batt protections  








EM Back up relay  

Dimensions (mm) :

Weight : 


220 - 240V ac

27.8 V DC

4 A ( max 5A )

1.3 W

Low batt disconnections

Reversed polarity

Charging current, voltage

Battery voltage

Output current

Battery fault       


RS485 19.2 kbps

25A max


482 X 44 X 180 mm

4.15 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Rear View
Amperes 24V DC Automatic Battery Charger- BC9740 (Rear View)
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