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Integrated Media Player

Amperes CD1002 Integrated Media Player

CD1002 is a new compact media player or all in one media player in 1 hu height. It incorporates various players such as CD audio / DVD, dual USB ports, FM tuner and also Bluetooth connectivity for playback of music from mobile devices.

It is suitable for rack installations as well as standalone media player for gymns, boutiques, retails, restaurants etc. With its dual outputs, which allow simultaneous audio playback, it can be used for matrix setup, in which different music shall be broadcasted to different areas. It is built with 1 hu height, thus providing rack space savings.

CD1002 is definitely the wiser choice for your BGM media player, a compact and lasting device.

Compact integrated media player in 1 hu enclosure

Dual channel outputs with simultaneous audio output

Plays CD audio, DVD with composite video 

  • 1 hu compact integrated multi player

  • Dual USB, CD/DVD, FM tuner and Bluetooth

  • Supports CD audio, DVD, MP3

  • Dual independent outputs with component & composite video jack

  • 20 presets FM radio

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    




Media players

Audio outputs

Video output
USB playback format

USB capacity

FM frequency

FM presets

Dimensions (WHD)


220 - 240 V AC




2 channels RCA stereo
Stereo audio, video


32 GB

87.5 - 108 MHz


482 X 44 X 365 mm

2.7 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Version 1.00

Updated : May 2022

Refer to product brochures for detailed specifications

Front and Rear Views
Amperes Integrated Media Player- CD1002 (Front View)
Amperes Integrated Media Player- CD1002 (Rear View)
Cross References
Integrated media player with monitor speaker and headphone listening, 2 HU height. Plays CD/DVD audio, FM tuner, SD card and USB.
Application Schematic
Amperes Integrated Media Player- CD 1002 (Application Schematic)
Optional output
to TV monitor ( Composite video / S Video / component
Other audio
BGM 2 amplifier
BGM 2 amplifier
Pre-amplifier Mixer / Matrix
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