We offers range of classic horn speakers from short to long throw to clear and more directional sound dispersion to suit the installation areas.

Among applications includes car parks, mosques, gardens, warehouses etc


Being the largest model counts in a category, Amperes has almost every speaker for every installations. From economical version to higher up models for a more serious listeners.


Horn Speakers

HS815 / HS830   : 15/30W 100V Aluminum Horn Speakers

HS820 / HS822   :  15/30W 100V ABS Horn Speakers

HS880             :  80W 100V Alum Horn

Projection / Clear Horn Speakers

SP219   :  10W 100V Uni Sound Projector

SP319   :  10W 100V Bidirectional Speaker

SP220   :  20W 100V ABS Uni Sound Projector

HS725   :  30W 100V Clear Horn ( IP54 )

HS750   :  50W 100V Clear Horn  ( IP65 )

Model Listing

Horn Speakers

Horn Speakers

HS815 / 830

Aluminum Horn Speaker

HS815 and HS830 are round flared aluminum combination horn speakers available in 15 and 30W 100V line. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for longer throw sound.

Horn Speaker

HS820 / 822

ABS Horn Speaker

ABS versions of rectangular horn speakers are available in 2 models with 15W and 30W ratings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with IP65 rating.

They provide wider frequency range as compared to metal version, with more directional sound dispersion.

High power horn speaker


High Power Horn Speaker

HS880 is large flared aluminum horn speaker with 80W rating, very suitable for mosque, fencing perimeters or as alarm sounders which require loudness and longer throw as compared to other types of horns.

It is IP65 rated suitable for outdoor installations.

Projection / Clear Horn Speakers

SP219 LR.png


Unidirectional Sound Projector

SP219 is an unidirectional sound projector, used commonly for corridors, tunnels, car parks or any narrow areas which require a more projection sound dispersion.

It is built with aluminum body, PP cone driver with transformer of 10W rating.


Bidirectional Sound Projector

SP319 is a 10W bidirectional sound projector suitable for narrow corridors / alleys. With dual projection, it shall reduce the number of speakers required in the installation.

It is built with aluminum casing with dual PP cone driver.


Unidirectional ABS Sound Projector

SP220 is a 20W 100V line sound projector made from high quality ABS with IP65 ratings. It comes with transformer taps for 7.5, 15 and 20W selection.

It is suitable for installations that require a more focused sound dispersion such as car parks, corridors, etc.

Clear Horn Speaker


Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker

HS725 produces better sound reproduction as compared with conventional horn speakers, as it is also called music horn speaker.

HS725 is IP65 rated suitable for indoor and outdoor application and is available in 30W with multiple power taps for selections.


Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker

It is normally used in hotel rooms, which allows central paging 100V line audio to override music from TV to a 8 Ohm speaker in bathroom or foyer. In another word, it converts 100V audio line downwards to drive 8 Ohm speaker.

It comes with overriding relay and LED indicator to show the presence of 24V DC overriding voltage.


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