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Integrated Voice Alarm Controller

Centralized device used to manage and control voice alarm systems. These systems are essential for providing clear and intelligible voice message during emergencies to ensure the safety of building occupants.

The EVM8810 and EVS8820 are the perfect solution for small scale installations up to 24 zones. These Integrated Voice Alarm Controllers are built with important components for BGM broadcast and EVAC announcement, saving valuable rack space compared to individual components. Upgrade your system with ease and efficiency.

Model Listing


Voice Alarm Controller

Amperes New Product

EVM8810 is the core of the system, which is the master unit which has built in 1000W 100V with 8 zones of speaker lines. If the overall installation requires more than 8 zones, the output channels can be expanded by using EVS8820. Additional 2 extensions can be added to make overall installation to be 24 zones.

EVM8810 provides a cost efficient way for powering up the BGM / Paging system with voice evacuation features to your premises. It is a compact voice alarm controller with necessary elements to comply to authority's requirement for a complete EVAC system, such as emergency microphone, siren tone generator and voice message which can be triggered manually or automatically by interfacing with FI6100.

EVM8810 Front


Voice Alarm Controller Extension

Amperes New Product

EVS8820 works alongside EVM8810 which acts as the central control unit for the system. It is essentially an extension or additional unit that helps in expanding the coverage area of the voice alarm system. Using EVM8810 alone can connect with 8 speakers and with this extension, it can connect up to 16 speakers. 

EVS8820 Front
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