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Fire Alarm Interface

Amperes Fire Alarm Interface  - FI6000

Easily programmable sequence of actions to Fire Alarm panel

24 dry contact inputs for interface not only to fire alarm panel but for other applications

Bicolour LED indications for easy recognition of affected channels

Upon activation of a distress situation, there is a need to address them properly, either it is a false alarm or otherwise. FI6000 is an interface to Fire Alarm Control Panel, which is programmed to perform a sequence of activities upon receiving contact signal from the former.

FI6000 can be integrated with various Amperes equipment such as zone decoder, zone selector, siren unit, EVAC voice message player, etc. The most critical application is to perform phased evacuation / broadcast in accordance to the requirement of EN54.

Each controller has 24 contacts, which normally denotes zone number and can be cascaded as required. The unit is easily programmed via the configuration software.

  • 32 bits ARM processor for fast processing

  • Integration with Amperes products via RS485 and dry contacts

  • Able to trigger other devices via contacts

  • 24 dry contact and expandable

  • Programming via Configuration software

  • Bi-colour LED for fast identifications

Technical Specifications

Power requirement : 




USB interface  


Comm protocol  




Dimensions  :

Weight  :    

24V DC


32 bit ARM processor

Mini USB jack

FI6000 Config software

RS485 19.2 kbps

24 dry contacts

4 relay 3A rating

LED, bi colour

482 X 44 X 180 mm

1.85 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note :

Firmware Ver 1.15 ( Jan 20 ) Available
Bug fixes

Please contact us for details

Rear View
Amperes Fire Alarm Interface  - FI6000 (Rear View)
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