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Ethernet Emergency Paging Microphone

iEP1202 Emergency Paging Microphone


Zone groupings allows targeted zone paging instead of All Call

Programmable message keys with different playback modes

Allows multiple unit installations for different locations with high priority over other sources

iEP1202 is a desktop version of Network Emergency Paging Microphone which has added features as compared to iEP1200. It can be placed at FCC or Security / Guard House where direct access to PA is more convenient and faster.

With the latest IP technology, audio streaming has been greatly improved with ultra low latency as compared to previous versions. 

Similar to iEP, it has high priority over BGM and other normal paging consoles available in the system.

There are 8 programmable zone groupings and shall be more convenient to page to specific group of zones rather than all call.

Up to 4 pre-recorded messages can be stored in the console, enabling routine message broadcast to be made more accessible remotely. All settings are easily done through our user friendly web browser.


  • Improved audio streaming technology with ultra low latency

  • Programmable zone grouping of up to 8 groups 

  • Selective group paging or ALL CALL

  • Assignable 4 message banks up to 2 minutes each

  • Siren tone generator with highest priority and ALL CALL activation

  • Volume control for paging and chime

  • User friendly interface for setup via web browser

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage

Power consumption

Power connector


Siren frequency

Freq response

S/N Ratio

LAN Interface


Audio conv format

Zone selection

Max Zones

Message storage

Message durations

File format

User interface

LED Indicators

Dimension (WxHxD)


24V DC

2.4 W

Barrel Jack

Condenser ; unidirectional

8 kHz wavy

150 - 8 kHz

> 65 dB


RJ45, 10/100 T Base


IMA ADPCM 16 bit; 24 kHz 

8 groups, ALL CALL


4 memory banks

2 min per key max

MP3 128 kbps 

Web browser ( Chrome preferred )

Zone, power , audio, data, msg

250 x 65 x 190 mm ( Excl Mic )

900 gms



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image

Note :

Firmware Ver 1.25 ( Aug 22 ) Available - Bug fixes

Download available at download page
Please contact us for details

Cross References

iEP1200 - Rack Mounted IP Emergency Paging Panel

UI Screenshots

Key configuration of message buttons

iEP1202 UI (Key Configuration)

Message library User Interface

iEP1202 UI (Key Configuration)

Rear View

iEP1202 Ethernet Emergency Paging Microphone Rear

Local Power

Mic and Siren Volume Controls

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