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Ethernet Amplifier Terminal

Amperes iPA 5060/ iPA 5120 Ethernet Power Amplifier Terminal

iPA5060/ iPA5120
Ethernet Power Amplifier Terminal/ iPA5120

Introducing the new arrival : iPA5060 - 60W 100V line and iPA5120 - 120w 100V line Ethernet Amplifier Terminals which has expanded the IP range of products further. Both are suitable for decentralised IP PA system in locations such as park kiosks, ticketing booths, classrooms, floor risers, pole mounted speakers for power plants, ports etc.

It has local audio source input, which can be either Mic or Line level. To enable local paging such as in classroom or park entrance, the local source shall be overrided by central paging and the highest priority shall be accorded to Emergency Paging or EVAC messages, to comply with EN54 or BS5839 requirement. Commissioning the amplifier terminal is simple with user friendly browser interface, thanks to our detailed study and feedback from installers. 


Side View

Amperes Ethernet Power Amplifier Terminal Rear View- iPA5120

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :                  Voltage                           




  Analogue Input

  Input impedance

  Input Gain Controls

  Rated Output (100V, RMS)

  4 Ohm Output Voltage

  Output Impedance 

  Frequency Responce

  S/N Ratio


Temperature Control:             Protections


Cut off temp

Cooling System            




Communication Control

Common Protocols

Priority Protocols

Digital Format (decode)

User interface

Local control

Firmware upgrade

Priority ( lo to hi )





220-240V AC

iPA5060: 0.7A / 0.1A

iPA5120: 1.3A / 0.1A

1 mic or line level balanced signal via 8 way connector

Mic : 600 Ohm

Line: 10k Ohm

-40 to 4 dBu

60 / 120 W


iPA5060: 170 Ohm

iPA5120: 83 Ohm

70 - 15kHz @1kHz+/-3dB

>70 dB

<0.18 %


Thermal, short circuit, overload, fuse, Inrush current

75 Deg C

Auto temperature controlled fan speed

RJ-45, 100Mb/s



IMA ADPCM/ MP3 (CBR/ 320 kbps max) / WAV / MP2 / OGG / WMA / FLAC

Via Browser 

Button for local source input

Via Web browser

Remote BGM / Paging

Local input

Emergency paging

250 x 85 x 375 mm

6.4 / 7.25 kg

  • Available in 60/ 120 W 100V line output

  • Plays remote LAN BGM / paging and local input

  • Local mic / line source input : toggle via a push button switch

  • Audio priority level to comply with EN54 / BS Standards

  • Auto muting function for Emergency Broadcast from central paging system



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note :

Firmware Ver 1.21 ( Oct 20 ) Available -
Expanded client connections, ultra low latency improvement

Download available at download page. 

See note on Version Compatibility 
Please contact us for details

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