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iPX Ethernet PA System

iPX5101 MK II
Ethernet Paging Server / Controller

Amperes New Product

Advanced features added

 Amperes Ethernet Paging Server- iPX5101


Up to 1000 clients connectivity, enabling a larger decentralised system.

50 concurrent paging / BGM audio streaming with uninterrupted paging setup 

Upgrade your communication system with the new and improved iPX5101 MKII network paging server/controller. With the ability to connect up to 1000 clients, the system can be expanded to larger setups, multiple locations and heavily decentralized.


It has a redundancy feature that automatically switches to the standby unit if the primary controller fails, which will ensure continuous and uninterrupted system operation. You can trust that your paging needs will always be met. Plus, with the capability to handle up to 50 concurrent paging and an auto-reboot feature for system stability, the iPX5101 MKII is the perfect solution for any organization.

Redundancy feature to ensure uninterrupted operation.

  • Up to 1000 clients connectivity

  • Up to 50 concurrent paging activity

  • Auto reboot with time selection to ensure system able to operate at an optimum level

  • Redundant secondary unit to ensure uninterrupted system operation

  • Ultra low latency processing for almost live audio and data transmission

  • Simple setup procedures through web interface

  • Live connectivity monitoring

  • Duplex communications

  • Allows Multicast and Unicast 

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    Voltage   


Connectivity :              

LAN Interface   


Priority Protocols    

Client Connections  
User interface

Firmware upgrade

Operating temperature


Dimensions (WHD)

18-24V DC                           

350 mA

RJ45 ; 10/100T Base



225 Max

Web browser ( G Chrome )

Via web browser

-20 to 80 C


482 x 44 x 180 mm

1.9 kg


Catalogue (tba)

Instruction Manual

ACAD Image ( tba )

Note :

Firmware Ver 1.05 ( Jan 24 ) Available -

See note below for Version Compatibility 
Please contact us for details

IP Compatibility note
Amperes Version Compatibility

For uninterrupted operation of IP network, we would recommend the following versions to be used in your system.

Do check here as we shall make updates from time to time. 
(Updated on 1 Oct
 22 )

iPX5101 MKII - V1.05
iPX5200 - V2.08

iPX5151   - V2.17
iPX5155  - V2.31

iPX5300 - V2.11

iPX5400 - V2.05

iPX5500 - V2.00

iEP1200  - V2.12
iEP1202  - V1.16

iPD1280  - V1.29


PMX LAN - V2.24

iPA5000 - V1.22  ( Class D )

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