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Newly Developed & Installed

100W 100V Line Tunnel / Long Throw Horn Speaker

Amperes Long Throw Horn Speaker- LH100

Introducing yet another great product from Amperes. LH100 has been designed meticulously for controlled angle of dispersion and asymmetrical vertical throw which are important to reduce echoes and reverberations. As such, LH100 is most suitable for application in tunnels. It produces high SPL with its specially selected high power 100W driver.

To withstand harsh environment of which LH100 will be installed, such toxic fumes, high humidity and other corrosive elements, it is built using fire retardant fiberglass and all mountings are made of stainless steel or aluminum. With its IP65 rated constructions, it is definitely suitable for outdoor environment.

LH100 is not only suitable for evac paging in tunnels but also suitable for external warning system such as tsunami early warning at coastal areas and other applications that require long throw sounder.

Fire Retardant.png

Fire retardant fiberglass body

IP Rate.png

100W 100V high power driver

IP54 rated with stainless steel mounting brackets

  • Specially designed for tunnel applications

  • Also suitable for other long throw warning system 

  • Highly directional horn with asymmetrical output dispersion

  • High SPL with clear speech 

  • 100W 100V high power driver

  • Fire retardant fiber glass body

  • Rust free mounting accessories made of stainless steel and aluminum

  • Covered flare opening, a prevention to habitation by insects, birds etc.

Technical Specifications

Power rating

Power taps ( 100V )


Primary impedance

Secondary imp

Freq. response



Horizontal throw

Vertical throw

Body material

IP ratings

Dimension WHD



100W 100V

50 / 75 / 100W

1 3/8" detachable driver

200 / 133 / 100 Ohm

16 Ohm

250 - 7 kHz

115 dB

135 dB

56 deg

25 deg (top), 60 deg (bottom)

FR rated fiber glass


730 x 585 x 1565 mm

13.6 kg




Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Version 1.00

Updated : Dec 2021

Amperes Long Throw Horn Speaker- LH100 Rear View

Rear View 

Amperes Long Throw Horn Speaker- LH100 Top View

Top View

Center Throat
Driver Compartment
Performance Data

Below are charts for vertical and horizontal dispersions.

Amperes LH100 Horizontal Polar Chart
Horizontal Dispersion Semi polar chart
Amperes LH100 Horizontal Colour Map
Horizontal Dispersion
Heat Map
Amperes LH100 Vertical Polar Chart
Vertical Dispersion Semi polar chart
Amperes LH100 Vertical Color Map
Vertical Dispersion
Heat Map
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