EP1200 : Emergency Paging Panel

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EP1200 is an important tool for emergency announcement. A single press of the switch at the handheld mic shall override all other audio signals including siren, incoming message from MR1301 etc.  ie. it has the highest sequence of priority. Front Emergency siren switch is available for manual siren activation and a large FIRE alert window is available for visual indication. It is now easily integrated with Matrix Controller MxP2288 with single RJ45 jack.

Other features available previously such as interfacing with FI6000 Fire Alarm Interface panel ( for phased evacuation to comply with EN54 requirement ) and connectivity to MR1301.

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    






   Freq response 

   Mic activation






Input channel 
Output level  

Priority sequence


Data connection



24 DC 

3.5 W

-72 dB Omni Condenser

600 Ohm

300 - 8 KHz

Handheld mic switch

Continuous at 8KHz

Continuous at activivation

Front switch / rear contact


Pre-Amp, Message in
Line 1.25V balanced

Mic - Sire - Message - BGM

Front FIRE 


482X 88 X 180 mm ( excl. mic )

3 kg

Rear view

  • Built in Siren tone 

  • Visual FIRE indicator

  • Single mic button for highest priority paging and emergency overriding

  • Ext Voice message activation

  • Dry contact when active

  • Output volume controls

  • Simplified interface to MxP2288

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