Dual Output Pre Amplifier Mixer

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MX2322 is a rack mounted pre-amplifier mixer, suitable not only for PA installations, but also for audio mixing at conference room, function halls etc.  It has 12 inputs for mic / line audio as well as a dedicated jack for paging mic, which would mute other channels when paging is active. Each input can be assigned to either Ch A or Ch B out with its individual 3 band tone controls, which is essential to deliver different set of tones to different target areas for broadcast.

Most connections has been made easier with its Phoenix mini connectors, which is largely preferred type of connections in fixed installations.

MX2322 is a preferred choice for various PA installations and other relevant applications due to its various features, flexibility and easy to use design.

  • 13 inputs : 8 mic / line, 2 RCA, 2 external lines, 1 Paging mic

  • Dual outputs with individual tone controls

  • 3 bands tone controls

  • Switchable phantom power for Ch.1 to 8

  • Pre-mixing gain control

  • Assignable input to output A or B

  • Switchable priority muting 

  • High priority for Paging Mic input

  • 24V DC back up

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage

Current ( max )

Power ( max )


Input impedance

Phantom power

Operating level

Max input level

Line-Mic attenuation

Gain controls



Output impedance

Tone controls


S/N ratio


Operating temp

Storage temp




Net weight (kg)

220-240 Vac 50Hz / 24V DC

41mA (240V) / 260mA (24V)

9.6W (240V) / 6.3W (24V DC)

8 x Mic / line selectable

2 x Line with priority

2 x RCA

1 x Paging Mic (PM1010/1030)

Line : 10 K Ohm

Mic : 15 K Ohm

18V DC switchable

-30 dBU - +4 dBU

10 dBU

-30 dB

+20 dB ( Bal / Unbal. )

> 70 dB

2 x ( A and B ), Balanced line

2 x Record out unbal. line

300 Ohm balanced line

3 bands +/- 15dB

Low band : 100 Hz
Mid band : 1 kHz
High band : 10 kHz

20 - 20 kHz

> 75 dB

< 0.1 %

-10 to 45 deg C
-40 to 70 deg C

95% max

Mini Phoenix - In / Out
RCA jacks for music sources

RJ 45 for paging mic input

482 x 88 x 185 mm

3.3 kg


ACAD Image 


Instruction Manual