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Paging Microphones

24 Zone Soft Touch Paging Microphone

Amperes 24 Zone Soft Touch Paging Microphone PD1240

24 zone paging console with soft touch zone selection buttons

Priority setting to ensure higher priority unit would override lower one

With built in chime and microphone volume controls

In PD1240, 24 fixed zones are included with 4 groupings, suitable for small installations. 

It comes with 4 tones pre and post paging chimes and can directly connect to TD6240 zone decoder or TD6080 / 6400 zone decoder/ selectors. For longer distance, usage of 2 pair screen cable is recommended and powering and interfacing shall utlise EX2800 External Connector unit which is provided in the package.

With electronics switching, PD1240 shall provide a long lasting usage as no mechanical switches are used which eliminates the worry of wear and tear of conventional switches.

Technical Specifications
  • Impressive soft touch keys

  • Suitable for multipoint paging

  • Built in chime 

  • Adjustable mic / chime volume

  • Compatible for all decoders including Matrix controllers and iPX5151 / 5155

Cross References

Power requirement :   



Zone selection              

Selection keys               

Display / indicators      


Mic length       


Audio Output:            

Output impedance      

Output level                  

Output controls           

24 DC via EX2800

1.2 W


Sensor touch


Condenser with LED ring

370 mm

600 Ohm

Line (1.25V) balanced

Chime / Mic


Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note on Last Firmware Update

V2.34 - May 22
Bug Fix 

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Data                  Cabling                          

Freq response 

S/N ratio 




19.2 kbps RS485

2 pair screen / Cat 5e


100 - 12 KHz

 > 65 dB

230 X 65 X 192 mm (excl mic)

0.80 kg

IP Based version of desktop paging microphone
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