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24V DC Regulated Power Supply

Amperes 24V DC Regulated Power Supply- PS9400

Improved with higher Amp rating

Power Distributions


24V DC 5A highly regulated outputs

PS9400 is a rack mounted 24V DC regulated power supply with built in mains failure changeover relay. This allows battery to continue supplying the critical equipment during power failures, ensuring continuous operation of the system.

Only regulated power supply should be used in PA installation, as unregulated types may produce voltages unsuitable for powering the equipment upon fluctuation of incoming mains. 

Various protections such as short circuit, overload, etc

AC mains failure relay switchover

  • 24V DC 4A highly regulated PSU

  • Max output 5.5A

  • Output fuse protection

  • Built in various protections

  • Back up battery overriding relay

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :  

Operating voltage  

Output voltage 

Standby power   









Dimensions :    

Weight :         


220 - 240V ac​

24V DC +/- 1%

4A ; max 5.5A

50 mW

83 %

Built in mains surge

Short circuit

Overload ( 105% - 150% )

Over voltage ( 115 - 135 % )

Output DC fuse


Batt In, Load ( Barrier conn )       

482 X 44 X 180 mm

2.6 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Rear View
Amperes 24V DC Regulated Power Supply- PS9400 (Rear View)
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