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QD2000 Series
Class D Amplifiers with AFS

QD2025   250W 100V
QD2050   500W 100V
QD2075    750W 100V
QD2100    1000W 100V

Amperes Class D Amplifiers with auto fault sensor (AFS)- QD2000 Series: QD2025/ 2050/ 2075/ 2100

Amperes QD2000 Series of newly developed amplifiers are powered by Class D circuits for wider frequency response range and with higher energy efficiency. It is engineered through extensive research based on feedbacks from installers, thus able to offer a cost effective and reliable power packs.

It has built in auto fault sensor ( AFS ) circuit to monitor itself and a dry contact is available if the unit fails. RS485 data port is available and API can be requested to enable third party software developers to develop their own monitoring software.

Amperes QD2000 is suitable for most premium PA installations, be it centralized or decentralized network systems. 

RS485 output for remote monitoring

High efficiency and better frequency response with Class D amplifier

Auto Fault Sensor ( AFS ) with dry contact for changeover

  • High efficiency Class D amplifiers

  • 100V and 4 Ohm outputs

  • High pass filter switch for speaker protection

  • Switchable standby power to reduce power consumption when no incoming signal is detected

  • Auto fault sensor ( AFS ), self diagnose for faulty unit

  • Remote monitoring via RS485

  • AC and DC back up for uninterrupted operations

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage

Rated outputs (100V)

Power cons. (240V AC)

Load at (24V DC)

Standby current


Frequency response

S/N ratio




220 - 240 V AC

250 / 500 / 750 / 1000W

QD2025 : 350VA
QD2050 : 650VA
QD2075 : 1000VA
QD2100 : 1300 VA

15 / 25 / 40 / 50A

1.2A at 24V DC (S/By off )


100V and 4 Ohm


60 - 20 kHz

> 68dB

Thermal, short circuit, overload, AC and DC fuse

482 x 88 x 340 mm

6.8 - 7.1 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Version 1.00

Updated : Dec 2021

Refer to Catalogue for detailed specifications

Rear View
Cross References
Amperes Class D Amplifiers with auto fault sensor (AFS)- QD2000 Series: QD2025/ 2050/ 2075/ 2100 (Rear View)

PA2000 Series 

 - Conventional Class AB Series

QP2000 Series with AFS
- Class AB with auto fault sensor and changeover


DP2000 Series 

 - Class D compact multi channel amplifiers

Application Example

The diagram below illustrates one of the several configurations using QD2000 with other Amperes products. Please consult your nearest distributor for exact configurations.

Amperes Class D Amplifiers with auto fault sensor (AFS)- QD2000 Series Application Example
Input Sources
QD2000 Duty Amplifier # 01
QD2000 Duty Amplifier # n
QD2000 Standby Amplifier
Amperes AC3801 Amplifier Changeover 
Speaker Zone Selector
Amperes MX2222
Pre-amplifier Mixer

RS485 Data to Remote PC ( Directly or via iPX5500 )
Line Audio
Line Audio
Line Audio
100V and Trigger Dry Contact
100V Line
100V Line
100V Line
To Speakers
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