Amperes Touch Screen Matrix Remote Control - RP1104


Touch Screen Matrix Remote Control Panel

The wall panel remote touch screen controller can be installed at designated zone to control the source and volume selection at the particular area, or to be used as a master controller for all output zones of matrix controller.

The panels are cabled to controller using 4 core screen cable and they can be installed in daisy chain method.

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :                                                      Voltage                24V DC via MxP2288                        Current               100mA

Details :

  LCD panel             3.5'' Resistive Touch

  Communication    RS485 : 19.2 Kbps

  Cabling                  Cat5e / 2P Screen

  Distance                100m / 500m


Note :

Last version updated on : Apr 22, Ver 1.1

Instruction Manual

Dimensions :

Weight :


86 x 86 x 30 mm 

100 gms