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Zone Decoder / Selector Series

24 Ch Zone Decoder

Amperes 24 Channel Zone Decoder - TD6400

24 channel of zone decoding and expandable for larger setup

Amperes TD6240 is 24 channel zone decoder meant for Amperes PD series of paging microphones, decoding the data for switching of zone selectors. They can be stacked for larger setup of up to 254 zones.

Zone triggering with ZS zone selectors are through Cat 5e cables provided.  Each TD6240 has 3 circuits for PD connections, and with each circuit, multiple paging console can be looped, enable multi point paging system.

Priority setting for multiple point paging system.

  • 24 ch decoding and expandable

  • Priority setting for multi point setup

  • Selectable output level : Mic / Line

  • Compatible with most zone selectors with negative triggering mode

  • Connects directly to ZS remote trigger ports

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :   Voltage   


Switching channel

Input circuit  

Switching connection 

Audio :

Input impedance  

Output impedance

Freq response

Audio input  

Audio output


Dimensions (mm) :

Weight :   

24V DC ; 0.5A

2.4 W



RJ45 with Cat5e

Line 10 K Ohm

600 Ohm

70 - 15 KHz

Line ( 1.2V )

Mic / Line

RS485 19.2 kbos

482 X 44 X 180

2.5 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image

Latest Firmware :
V2.31 Mar 2021
Bug fix to Siren trigger

Rear View
Amperes 24 Channel Zone Decoder - TD6400 (Rear View)
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