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Accessories available for complete installation of rack and other interfacing items such as back enclosures, batteries etc.

Some items are only available in Malaysia.

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Amperes Back Enclosures- EC/ ES


Back Enclosures

Model Variants :

EC7012 : 70 x 120 mm conceal ( metal )

ES7012 : 70 x 120 mm surface mount ( metal )

EA9090 : 86 x 86 mm conceal ( ABS )

ES9090 : 86 x 86 mm surface mount ( metal )

Amperes PA System
Amperes Rack Panels BP/VP


Rack Panels

Amperes rack panels with mounting ears would make the overall rack presentation harmonised. Available in 1 hu and 2 hu for blank and vented panels.

Standard colour : black

Model Variants :

BP1000 : 1 HU blank panel

BP2000 : 2 HU blank panel

VP1000 : 1 HU vent panel

VP2000 : 2 HU vent panel

Amperes Patct Panels- MR5000/ MR1000
Amperes Patch Panels- MP1000/ MP2000


Patch Panels

XLR Patch panel for rack and wall mount. Making connections with XLR to the equipment at rack more tidy and available in 5 and 10 ways.

Wall XLR patch with standard white face plate, comes with single and two ways Neutrix connectors

Model Variants :

MR5000: 1 HU 5 way female XLR panel

MR1000: 1 HU 10 way female XLR panel

MP1000 : Single wall XLR female

MP2000 : Double wall XLR female

Amperes MxVolta Battery- VT1265

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Standard VRLA AGM

Sealed Lead Acid batteries for power back up in the event ac mains failed. Available in ratings of 26 to 100Ah as common models.

We recommend Amperes BC9740 battery charger.

Sold in blocks of 24V ( 2 units )

Model Variants ( Unikor ) :

VT 1226   : 12V 26 Ah

VT 1240   : 12V 40 Ah

VT 1265   : 12V 65 Ah

VT 12100 : 12V 100 Ah


Amperes 100V Line Surge Arrestors


100V Line Surge Arrestors

Surge arrestors suitable for speaker line installation at outdoors, with clamping voltage 175V rms peak. 

HP 175VL  :  175V peak surge arrestor

Amperes Fiber Optic Converter


Fiber Optic Converter

Use in IP system for decentralised PA setup, available in single and multimode fiber type. Converts LAN into fiber for long distance transmission with low loss.

Model Variants : 

HTB110   :  Multimode with SC-SC connections

HTB110S :  Single mode with SC-SC connections

Power Supply Adapter/ Modules


Power Supply Adapter / Modules

Regulated switching power supply module for parts replacement and 24V DC power adaptor for single equipment application.

Model Variants :

PS1205  :  12V 0.5A power adaptor

PS2405  :  24V 0.5A power adaptor

PS9000  :  24V 4.5A DC switching power module

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