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Full Range / Column Speakers

With appetite for better sound reproduction of near hi fi quality?. We have full range speakers with 100V line inputs for commercial installations. 

Full range music speakers of FS series are suitable for commercial installations with 100V audio lines. Though they may not be comparable with specific purpose hi fi speakers, they nevertheless produces sound quality that is pleasant for music listening as well for EVAC announcement.

Column speakers are available with multiple range of power ratings, from 10W to 80W 100V. They are fine tuned to provide audio clarity especially in mid frequencies of human voices.



FS420 / 640  :  4 / 6" 20 / 40W 100V FR Speakers  (black/ white)

FS338    :  4" 40W 100V FR Speaker

FS425    : 20W 100V Speaker


CL900    :  10 / 20 / 40 / 60 / 80W 100V Line slim line column speakers

Model Listing

Full Range Music Speakers


FS420 / FS640

20 / 40W 100V Music Speakers

FS420 is 20W 100V line rating while FS640 is 40W 100V line version of full range foreground music speakers. Both are available with rotary power selections to meet the requirement of installation space.

Both models come with black and white colour options.

FS420 : 4" 20W 100 V line ( FS420W or FS420B )

FS640 : 6: 40W 100 V line ( FS640W or FS640B )

Full Range Music Speakers


2 x 4" 40W 100V Music Speaker

FS338 is a multi purpose speaker, suitable for background music as well as speech. It is driven by dual 4" speakers arranged in curved enclosure, providing better vertical coverage, for both near and far.

It is rated 40W 100V line with rotary power selector ranging from 5 to 40W and also 4 Ohm connection for other conventional power amplifiers.

Standard installation is vertical format, but if 360 degree coverage is required, they can be assembled using special bracket, providing circular array, which is usually used in large venues such as hyper market, indoor stadium, etc.

Weatherproof speakr
ip65 speaker



20W 100V Music Speaker

FS425 is another addition to the full range speaker series with IP65 rating suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. 

It is recommended for restaurants, pub or cafe, pool sides etc. It is available in black colour

Column Speakers

Column Speakers

CL900 Series

Column Speakers

Slim Line Column Speaker

CL900 Series of column speakers are available in variants of 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80W 100V lines, featuring slim profile with 2" powerful driver.

They deliver clear sound especially for the mid range frequencies and suitable for applications in places of worships, meeting rooms, school classrooms corridors etc.

CL912 and CL916 sound dispersion has been designed to provide even sound distribution over the distance from speaker point, thereby suitable for longer sound throw.

Standard colour is white but black is available upon request.

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