Inputs and Controls

This section includes BGM players, siren tone generator, weekly programmable timer as well as EVAC compliant Voice Message Player and Fire Alarm Controller



BGM input sources includes rack mounted integrated CD player and media player which are designed specifically for PA installations. 

Other models in this category are Chime / Tone generator, EVAC message recorder / player, programmable weekly timer and important interface with fire alarm system - Fire Alarm Control panel.

Model Listing

Amperes EVAC Voice Message Player - MR1301


EVAC Voice Message Player

Playback of distress announcement is crucial in critical moments, either automatically or manually through stored messages. Apart from emergency messages, repetitive announcements can be made too from MR1301.

MR1301 is a flexible recorded message player with high volume memory card, able to store voice / music files into 16 memory banks, and each bank up to twenty number of files. The stored messages can be played, either from the front button switches or through rear dry contacts with high quality MP3 files of up to 320 kbps.

Programming / setup of files is made easy with embedded configuration software available in the SD Card, making it a truly friendly and easy to use device.

Amperes Integrated Tuner - CD1001


Integrated CD / MP3 / Tuner

CD1001 is an integrated player comprising DVD player, USD/SD card reader and  FM tuner in a unit, rack mounted for PA installations.  Audio monitoring is included with 2W speaker and headphone output jack.

Amperes Dual Channel Media Player - MP1020


Dual Channel Media Player

MP1020 is a dual channel media player, each capable of playing MP3 files from USB / SD Card, tuner and has bluetooth connectivity. Both channels works independently, with own output monitoring via headphone.

It is suitable for multi channel audio broadcast, which is usually associated with Matrix system for hotel, club house, restaurants, etc. 

Amperes Chine/ Tone Generator - CM1400


Chime / Siren Tone Generator

CM1400 offers 5 types of chime and 2 siren tones and can be triggered from front panel switches or from the rear contact points. its output has balanced and unbalanced selection.

It is suitable for installation in schools, factories etc.

​Customised tones are available if required.

Amperes Fire Alarm Interface - FI6100


Fire Alarm Interface

Upon activation of a distress situation, there is a need to address them properly, either it is a false alarm or otherwise. FI6000 is an interface to Fire Alarm Control Panel, which is programmed to perform a sequence of activities upon receiving contact signal from the former.

FI6000 can be integrated with various Amperes equipment such as zone decoder, zone selector, siren unit, EVAC voice message player, etc. The most critical application is to perform phased evacuation / broadcast in accordance to the requirement of EN54.

Each controller has 24 contacts, which normally denotes zone number and can be cascaded as required. The unit is easily programmed via the configuration software.

PT1801 Front LR.png


Weekly Programmable Timer

PT1801 is all new weekly program timer suitable for various sectors such as schools, factories, malls etc with 250 programmable steps with 8 output contacts which is easily programmable via software provided. Apart from the software, setting up can be made through the front panel switches as well.

It has a built in Westminster chime for direct output to mixer, or utilise it to trigger external chime unit and message player for preset announcements. The 8 channel dry contacts can be used for any other purpose, such as triggering LS4800 line supervisory unit and so forth.



Telephone Paging


TI6100 is an interface module for PA and PABX Systems. Now every telephone extension can be virtually converted into a paging station for all call paging.


With in-depth research and fine tuning of the product, TI6100 has been produced with great performance with noise reduction technology and added features such as relay contact on activation.

It works with most hybrid PABX system, and if it is required to merge with IP System, we have the flexibility for seamless integration with our IPX series of equipment.