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Other Speakers

Other types of speakers to complement the usual types includes the garden and pendant ball.

Model Listing

Amperes Pendant Ball Speaker- PS820


Pendant Ball Speaker

PS820 shall be used for open ceiling venues such as warehouse, hypermarkets or showrooms, where installation of ceiling speakers are not possible. 

It shall be suspended from roof structure providing even omni coverage by 20W 100V line driver. Lower power tap for smaller coverage is possible for 5 or 10W.

Amperes Garden Speaker- SG320


Garden Speaker

SG320 is IP65 weatherproof garden speaker with 20W rating, with option for 10W tap. 

It has 360 degree sound dispersion and the speaker is made from materials that would be able to withstand the harsh outdoor weather.

It is suitable for installation in gardens, flower beds or any outdoor areas. The green structure blends nicely into the surroundings.

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