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Various styles of ceiling speakers to suit different types of applications are available, from economical type to full range, and also optional fire rated back enclosure 

Surface speakers are available for slab mounts as well as wall fixing for areas such as staircases, corridors, etc.

Ceiling Speaker

CS210 / CS510 / CS610  :  2 / 5 / 6" 6W 100V

CS515   :  5" 6W 100V with ABS grille

CS343   :  4" 6W 100V weatherproof

CS606   :  6" 6W 100V with metal enclosure

CS518   :  5" 20W 100V Co-axial square encl

CS520 / 630   :  5" / 6" 20/30W 100V Co-axial Ceiling Speaker

CS620 / CS840  :  20 / 40W 100V Co-axial Speaker

Fire rated back enclosure available for :

CS515, CS210, CS510, CS610 and CS515

Amperes Dual Cone Ceiling Speakers CS210/ CS510/ CS610


CS210 / CS510 / CS610

Dual Cone Ceiling Speakers

Introducing the newly designed ceiling speakers, available in 2, 5 and 6" versions. With only quality of finishing and optimum sound reproduction in mind, they shall be the best choice to enhance your installations and cost effective too.

Among the outstanding features are the installation mechanism - spring clips which is flexible to flip but strong in holding. 

The slim edge design, coupled with the low profile height, brings out the coziness of the installation.

Amperes 5" Dual Cone Ceiling Speaker with Full ABS Enclosure- CS515


5" Dual Cone Ceiling Speaker with Full ABS Enclosure

CS515 is wholly built with high quality ABS materials, available in black and white, driven by 5" dual cone speaker.

The grille is ABS, thus making it suitable for installation in high humidity areas, seasides and highlands.

The unique honeycomb grille is one of its kind and fits nicely to any atmosphere. Installation work is simple with the gentle spring clip mechanism.

Amperes 4" Weatherproof Ceiling Speaker- CS343


4" Weatherproof Ceiling Speaker

CS343 is weatherproof speaker suitable for high humid areas such as bathrooms, spas, yacths, etc. Its aluminum grille prevents rust and the enclosure is well sealed to prevent dust accumulation.

Driven by 4" PP cone driver, it reproduces smooth BGM and good speech.

Amperes 6" Dual Cone Metal Enclosure Ceiling Speaker- CS606


6" Dual Cone Metal Enclosure Ceiling Speaker

CS606 is a fully metal version of ceiling speaker with 6" dual cone driver. It has 1.5 / 3 / 6 W transformer taps to suit installation requirement. 

The grille is made from aluminum with powder epoxy coated to eliminate rust problem.

Mounting is through spring clamp and the back metal enclosure fulfills the requirement of fire resistance of dome.

Amperes Square Coaxial Ceiling Speaker- CS518


Square Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

CS518 is a square type ceiling speaker with 5" co-axial driver, matches most ceiling fittings with rectangular physical shapes.

It is suitable for boutiques, residences, offices, etc.

Amperes Coaxial Ceiling Speaker- CS620/ CS840

CS620 / CS840

Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

CS620 and CS840 cater for a more serious listeners in BGM, wanting not only paging clarity but also the punch of bass and treble.

CS620 is 6" while CS840 is 8" co-axial type with 20W and 40W 100V line ratings respectively. 

Among suitable installations are banquet halls, boutiques, function rooms and VIP areas. 

Amperes Coaxial Ceiling Speaker with Power Tap- CS520/ CS630

CS520 / 630

Coaxial Ceiling Speaker w Power Tap

CS520 and 630 are co-axial ceiling speaker with 5" and  6.5" mid bass driver and 1" tweeter, comes with metal back enclosure. Power selection is available through rotary power selector switch, enable user to adjust the speaker wattage according to area or ceiling height.

CS520 is 20W 100V rating whereas CS630 is 30W 100V line. Both comes with aluminum front grilles, suitable for any condition of installation areas.

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