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IP Based PA Solutions (Ethernet Paging System)

Amperes IP Based PA System has much to offer with its advanced architecture providing flexibility of applications with only a fraction of costs as compared to other brands.

It is suitable for decentralised systems where multiple racks of different buildings are to be linked via LAN, such as office complexes, resorts, airports etc.



With growing momentum in the application of IP in PA System, Amperes has invested heavily building the related components to be at par with other major players.

Advantages of using IP are aplenty particularly in large scale installations linking multiple sub racks in overall system and allowing provisions for future expansions without major overhaul of existing installations.

IP Introduction PPT

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youtube video

Installation Concept

IP Installation Concept


Ethernet Paging Server

Ethernet Paging Server

Ethernet Music Server


Ethernet Paging Client

Ethernet BGM / Paging Client


Ethernet Paging Microphone

Ethernet Emer. Mic ( Rack )



20W IP PoE Box Speaker

Ethernet Emer. Mic ( Desktop )

4 Ch Rack Mounted Ethernet BGM / Paging Client


Ethernet Power Amplifier Terminal

Ethernet Music Client

Ethernet Data Client

Ethernet Audio & Data Transceiver

Model Listing

Ethernet Server

Ethernet Server

Amperes Ethernet Paging Server-iPX5101

iPX5101 MKII  (new)

Ethernet Paging Server


iPX5101 MKII is the latest addition to the family of IPX eco-system. It has many improvements and features to replace iPX5101 with master and redundancy control system, able to allow connectivity of more than 1000 clients, up to 50 simultaneous concurrent paging and auto system reboot to improve system memory space which ensures stability over long run.

Amperes Ethernet Paging Server-iPX5101


Ethernet Paging Server

iPX5101 is the network controller of connected IP devices to the LAN system. All traffices and communications are regulated and monitored such as priority access, logging and streaming. This latest version allows both Multicast and Unicast streaming by clients.

Initial settings of overall IP system starts from iPX5101 via its friendly browser. Only a single controller is required for whole system. 

With constant upgrades, iPX5101's firmware can be easily updated, making it more powerful and able to cater for any future functions.

 Amperes Ethernet Music Server - iPX5200


Ethernet Music Server

It is also referred to as Network Audio Inserter which streams analogue BGM source to the LAN and extracted via iPX5155 or iPX5300. High quality streaming of up to 320 kbps MP3 file can be streamed in multicast mode.

It consists of 4 analogue line inputs and SD card slot with 8 groups of receiving clients, each of which can be programmed to 32 extract devices.

With centralised audio streaming source, the administrator shall have controls over the destinations BGM playback, making it suitable for most PA installation.

Ethernet Clients

Ethernet Client

iPX5151 ( EOL )

Ethernet Paging Client

Converts analogue balanced audio and RS485 data from PD Series paging microphone into IP. Also known as " Paging Audio Network Insert "

Amperes Ethernet Paging / BGM Cilent - iPX5155


Ethernet Paging / BGM Client

Converts streamed audio and data into balance line audio output and RS485 to feed to Zone decoder for speaker zone selections. It is also known as " Network Audio Extract "

Amperes Ethernet Music Client - iPX5300


Ethernet Music Client

Extracts audio transmitted from iPX5200 or from PMX LAN software, generally for music streaming.

It accepts various audio formats, best with MP3 of up to 320 kbps. The audio output is line balance, which can be fed directly to remote mixer, active speaker, etc.

Amperes Ethernet Communication Box - iPX5500


Ethernet Comm Box

Data interface for communications between Amperes PMX LAN and external devices for monitoring such as QP power amplifiers, BC9740 battery charger, etc

RS485 data from monitored equipment shall be fed to iPX5500, to be fed into PMX LAN software.

Network Switch
Amperes Ethernet Paging Client- iPX5151
Amperes iPX5455 4 Ch Ethernet BGM / Paging Client


4 Ch Ethernet BGM / Paging Client

It is a versatile 4 Ch BGM / Paging client in a 1 hu enclosure, and is also known as 4 channel Ethernet audio extract. It is ideal for use in larger IP setup with large client connectivity within the rack, which will consume less rack space and better cabling management.  Similarly to iPX5455, it is a reliable solution for any IP installation requiring high quality audio transmission.

Amperes Ethernet Data & Audio Transceiver - iPX5400


Ethernet Data & Audio Transceiver

Amperes iPX5400 Ethernet Data & Audio Transceiver

iPX5400 works in pair, transmitting audio and data in duplex in LAN, direct network connection or using fiber cable through Fiber to LAN converter.

Why it is required ?....

In the event that a paging point or audio source is required to be transmitted to other location / main rack, and when new cabling is not possible, iPX5400 can be used to run in the existing LAN.

Another application for long distance connectivity, say Guard House to Main Building, with fiber laid to avoid surge and audio loss to the copper cable, iPX5400 is a right tool to transmit the audio and data, coupled with fiber - LAN converter.

iPX5400 can work independently without the need of iPX5101 Network controller, thus providing a great solution to a simple problem of connectivity.

Ethernet Microphone

Ethernet Microphone
Amperes iPD1280 Ethernet Desktop Paging Mic


Ethernet Desktop Paging Mic

iPD1280 is the LAN version of PD1280 with all features intact. Setting up IP system has been made much easier with iPD1280, without the need of iPX5151 interface module.  With its ultra low latency in recent firmware updates, paging shall be made almost instantaneously across the network.

Amperes iEP1202 Ethernet Emergency Paging Mic


Ethernet Emergency Paging Mic

iEP1202 is an enhanced version of Emergency Paging Microphone for desktop mounting, suitable for placement at security desks, guard house or FCC control console. 

Among added features as compared to iEP1200 are the ability to page to certain group of zones and pre-recorded message.

It is an ideal product which provide direct high priority access to essential paging.

Network switch
Amperes iEP1200 Emergency Paging Micriophone


Emergency Paging Microphone

iEP1200 is an extention of the conventional EP1200 Emergency Panel which is now LAN ready. It is an essential tool for firemen to access directly to EVAC system with highest priority. All other paging in progress, music streaming would be directly cut off upon activation of the unit.

It has an added feature as compared with the conventional type, ie. it can be programmed as local system's highest priority paging device ( for distributed system), or as a global highest priority. Although it is essentially an IP based device, other analogue ports are available such as message player input, emergency dry contactand aux line audio output. Setup shall be done via web browser.

Ethernet Amplifier Terminal

Ethernet Amplifier Terminal
Amperes iPA5060 / 5120 / 5240 / 5360 IP Amplifier Terminal

iPA5060 / 5120 / 5240 / 5360

60 ~ 360W 100V IP Amplifier Terminal

IP Amplifier terminals has been improved further incorporating Class D amplifier circuits with better frequency response and smaller size and lighter in weight. They are suitable for decentralised IP PA system in locations such as park kiosks, ticketing booths, classrooms, floor risers, pole mounted speakers for power plants, ports etc.

It has local audio source input, which can be either Mic or Line level. To enable local paging such as in classroom or park entrance, the local source shall be override by central paging and the highest priority shall be accorded to Emergency Paging or EVAC messages, to comply with EN54 or BS5839 requirement. Commissioning the amplifier terminal is simple with user friendly browser interface, thanks to our detailed study and feedback from installers. 

Ethernet PoE Speaker

Amperes iFS4020 IP PoE Full Range Speaker


20W IP PoE Full Range Speaker

iFS4020 is newly built IP full range speaker with power rating of 20W. It is suitable for decentralised setup for Amperes IP Network PA such as schools, offices, gyms, parks etc. It shall be able to integrate with existing network easily and works seamlessly with iPX5200 music server as well as PMX software, for both music and paging broadcast.

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