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Experience the latest in PA System with Amperes Electronics! Our products are tailored to contemporary design and needs, making it easy to stay up to date with the latest technology. We are continuously improving our products to ensure you get the best quality and performance.

Product guidelines

Product selection guide is available in assisting Design Engineer to configure the right items to be used in building your system. Click the link to access the guide.

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Amperes IP Based PA Solutions

IP Based PA Solutions

Amperes IP Based PA System has much to offer with its advanced architecture providing flexibility of applications with only a fraction of costs as compared to other brands.

It is suitable for decentralised systems where multiple racks of different buildings are to be linked via LAN, such as office complexes, resorts, airports etc

Product range :

- IP Network Controller

- IP Network Music Server
- IP BGM / Paging Client

- IP Transceiver
- IP Amplifier Terminals
- IP Paging Mics

IP PoE Speakers



iPX5101 MK II will be available soon with more advance features, allowing more than 50 simultaneous paging, redundancy and can be connected to over 1000 clients.

PMX III (software)

Software based solution for scheduled and repetitive playback, monitoring and BGM broadcast and paging over network.

Product range :

- Amperes PMX II LAN


PMX III is now under development to replace PMX II. It is a totally revamped with more user friendly GUIs, with added features such as zone mapping and TTS with more real life voices.

Amperes Matrix System
Matrix System

When flexibility is required to route input audio to designated outputs, Matrix system is required. MxP2288 comes with LAN interface allows this flexibility coupled with fail safe feature to link to emergency paging panel and message player. It is designed for application for PA installation.

Product range :

 - Matrix controller

 - Remote control panel

 - Matrix paging mic


A totally new generation of Matrix Mixer / Controller is brewing, with more advanced features such as real time DSP controls, LAN interface and user friendly mobile GUI.

Amperes Paging Microphone
Paging Microphone

Various models are available from analogue to digital system, for small to large scale of up to 256 zones. 

PD1900 is new Paging Mic with touch screen LCD with vivid colours while several IP Based mics ie. IPD1280, iEP1200 and iEP1202 has been added to complete the IP range of products

Product range :

 - Analogue paging microphones

 - Digital paging microphones

 - IP Network paging microphones

 - Gooseneck microphones

Amperes Inputs & Control
Inputs & Control

This section includes BGM players, siren tone generator, weekly programmable timer as well as EVAC compliant Voice Message Player, Fire Alarm Controller and recently added AR1400 event / audio recorder.

Product range :

 - BGM audio players

 - EVAC voice message player

 - Fire alarm interface

 - Weekly programmable timer

 - Telephone interface

 - Event / audio recorder


Newly release AR1400 event / audio recorder is to record / log every paging event for conventional and iPX event with audio recordings.

Amperes PT1801 MK II weekly programmable timer is available soon with more advanced features

Amperes Audio / Mixer Distributor
Audio / Mixer Distributor

Audio mixer designed for PA application and signal distributor for better control of audio flow, including equalizing incoming audio to suit the speakers installed or to listening requirement.

Product range :

 - Pre amplifier mixer

 - Audio distributor

Amperes Amplifiers

Various models of amplifiers are available for different applications and loading, from Mixing Amplifier for small scale installations, amplifier modules and high power rack mounted power packs.

IP Version of amplifiers has been recently included as well as the high efficiency multi channel class D amplifiers

Product range :

 - Class D high power amplifiers

 - Class AB power amplifiers

 - Mixing amplifiers

 - Mini amplifiers

Amperes Line Monitoring & Amplifier Changeover
Line Monitoring & Amplifier Changeover 

Line Monitoring :

Auto speaker line monitoring for 8 and 16 zones and also rack mounted amplifier monitoring panel.

Amplifier Changeover:

Auto and manual versions of standby amplifier fault changeover are available to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of system.

Product range :

 - Speaker line surveillance

 - Auto and manual standby amplifier changeover

Amperes Selector & Decoder
Selector & Decoder 

6 and 12 Ch zone selectors, 8 Ch zone decoder / selectors, Zone decoder and latest series 6 / 12 ch with fail safe zone selectors are available to choose from.

Product range :

- Speaker line zone selectors

- Paging mic zone decoders 

- Paging mic zone decoder cum selector

Amperes PSU / Charger
PSU / Charger

Power supply unit, battery charger and sequential switcher are the correct powering units for a continuous and reliable operation of the system

Product range :

- Rack mounted power supply

- 24V DC auto battery charger

- Power adaptors

Amperes Ceiling / Surface Speaker
Ceiling / Surface Speaker

Various styles of ceiling speakers to suit different types of applications are available, from economical type to full range, and also optional fire rated back enclosure 

Surface speakers are available for slab mounts as well as wall fixing for areas such as staircases, corridors, etc.

Product range :

- Co-axial and dual cone ceiling speakers

- Fire rated enclosure speakers

- Wall mounted surface speakers

- Ceiling mounted surface speakers

- Box speakers

Amperes Projection / Horn Speaker
Projection / Horn Speaker

We offers range of classic horn speakers from short to long throw to clear and more directional sound dispersion to suit the installation areas.

Among applications includes car parks, mosques, gardens, warehouses etc

Product range :

- ABS horn speakers

- Aluminum flare horns

- Clear horn speakers

- Specialised tunnel horn speakers

- Sound projectors


LH100 Specialised tunnel horn speakers are designed for application in tunnels, which require unique sound dispersion to suit the challenging environment. It has been successfully tested and deployed with great performance in SPL and STIPA readings.

Amperes Full Range / Column Speaker
Full Range / Column Speaker

From simple yet attractive slim column speakers to full range music boxes, we have all you need to fill up the sound pleasure in your installations,

Outdoor full range music speakers is now available, suitable for parks, swimming pool areas, etc

Product range :

- Full range box / music speakers

- Weatherproof speakers

- Column speakers


CL740 40W 100V line column speakers shall be launched soon. It is built with robust aluminum enclosure, suitable for outdoor installations, while delivering full range audio.

Amperes Miscellaneous Speaker
Miscellaneous Speaker

Other types of speakers to complement the usual types includes the garden and pendant ball.

Product range :

- Pendant ball speakers

- Garden speakers

Amperes Volume Controller / Patch
Volume Controller / Patch

Wall mounted speaker volume controllers, auto VC and rack mounted version zone VC are available.

Speaker patch panel for localised speakers / zone suitable for applications in meeting rooms, function room etc.

Paging Override Modules allows conversion of 100V to line level to feed to local amps with dry contact for general usage.

Product range :

- Volume controllers

- Speaker patch panel

- Paging overriding module

Amperes Accessories / Complimentary
Accessories / Complimentary

Other products or accessories may be required for a full working solutions and are available from Amperes

Product range :

- Back enclosures
- Vent / blank panels
- Batteries

- Fiber converters

- Surge arrestors

- Power supplies

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