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Projection / Horn Speakers

When there is a need for louder voice announcement, or longer distance throw such as for mosques, siren or wide /open area emergency alert, horn speakers shall be the correct choice of sounders. Various models to suit different applications are available, ranging for voice only to more demanding usage that is to incorporate music in the broadcast.



HS815 / HS830   : 15/30W 100V Aluminum Horn Speakers

HS820 / HS822   :  15/30W 100V ABS Horn Speakers

HS880             :  80W 100V Alum Horn


SP219   :  15W 100V Uni Sound Projector

SP319   :  20 / 40W 100V Bidirectional Speaker

SP220   :  20W 100V ABS Uni Sound Projector

HS725   :  30W 100V Clear Horn ( IP54 )

HS750   :  50W 100V Clear Horn  ( IP65 )


LH100   : 100W 100V line Tunnel / Long Throw Horn

Model Listing

Horn Speakers

Horn Speakers
Amperes Tunnel/ Long Throw Horn Speaker- LH100
New Product


Tunnel / Long Throw Horn Speaker

LH100 is developed for specialized application in tunnel EVAC system. Apart from this usage, it can also be used for long throw application such as Disaster Early Warning system at beach, resorts, etc. , or for installation at Mosques minarets.

It is tuned to human voice for announcement clarity. The unit is constructed using FR grade fiber glass and fitted with rust proof brackets to withstand the harsh condition at the place of installations., such as chemical fumes from vehicles or salty vapors.

Amperes Aluminium Horn Speaker- HS815/ HS830

HS815 / 830

Aluminum Horn Speaker

HS815 and HS830 are round flared aluminum combination horn speakers available in 15 and 30W 100V line. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for longer throw sound.

Amperes ABS Horn Speaker- HS820/ 822

HS820 / 822

ABS Horn Speaker

ABS versions of rectangular horn speakers are available in 2 models with 15W and 30W ratings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with IP65 rating.

They provide wider frequency range as compared to metal version, with more directional sound dispersion.

Amperes High Power Horn Speaker- HS880


High Power Horn Speaker

HS880 is large flared aluminum horn speaker with 80W rating, very suitable for mosque, fencing perimeters or as alarm sounders which require loudness and longer throw as compared to other types of horns.

It is IP65 rated suitable for outdoor installations.

Projection / Clear Horn Speakers

Projection / Clear Horn Speakers
Amperes Unidirectional Sounds Projector- SP219


Unidirectional Sound Projector

SP219 is an unidirectional sound projector, used commonly for corridors, tunnels, car parks or any narrow areas which require a more projection sound dispersion.

It is built with aluminum body, PP cone driver with transformer of 10W rating.

Amperes Bidirectional Sound Projector- SP319


Bidirectional Sound Projector

SP319 is a 20/40W 100V bidirectional sound projector suitable for narrow corridors / alleys. With dual projection, it shall reduce the number of speakers required in the installation.

It is built with aluminum casing with dual PP cone driver.

Amperes Unidirectional ABS Sound Projector- SP220


Unidirectional ABS Sound Projector

SP220 is a 20W 100V line sound projector made from high quality ABS with IP65 ratings. It comes with transformer taps for 7.5, 15 and 20W selection.

It is suitable for installations that require a more focused sound dispersion such as car parks, corridors, etc.

Amperes Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker- HS725


Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker

HS725 produces better sound reproduction as compared with conventional horn speakers, as it is also called music horn speaker.

HS725 is IP65 rated suitable for indoor and outdoor application and is available in 30W with multiple power taps for selections.

Amperes Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker- HS750


Weatherproof Clear Horn Speaker

HS750 is powerful clear horn speakers, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as assembly area, stadiums, warehouses etc. It is IP65 rated.

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