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Various styles of ceiling or box speakers to suit different types of applications are available, from economical type to full range, and also optional fire rated back enclosure 

Surface speakers are available for slab mounts as well as wall fixing for areas such as staircases, corridors, etc.


BS508  :  5" 10W 100V box speaker ( NEW )

BS410   :  4" 10W 100V box speaker

DV410   :  4" 6W 100V box speaker

BS506    :  5" 6W 100V box speaker

CS516    :  5" 6W 100V surface mount

Fire rated enclosure available for :

BS410, BS506, CS516

Products Listing



5" 10W 100V Box Speaker

Newly designed with slimmer profile to enable perfect blend to the installation area while provide superb performance in terms of high SPL and voice clarity. It has vandal proof installation method, without the needs to add additional parts to secure the unit from stolen.

It has multiple taps of 1 / 3 / 6 / 10 W 100V line with easy snap connectors.

Box Speaker


4" 10W 100V Surface Mount Speaker

BS410 with half moon shape is a general purpose surface mount speaker suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting at walls or slabs.

It has multiple taps of 1 / 3 / 6 / 10 W 100V line to fit into different area of installations. 

DV410 LR.png


4" 6W 100V Surface Mount Speaker

DV410 is a classic surface mount version, suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting. It can also be mounted on ceiling slabs for areas without false ceiling.

It is driven by a 4" dual cone speaker with 1 / 3 and 6W 100V line transformer taps.

BS506 LR.png


5" 6W 100V Surface Mount Speaker

BS506 is suitable for vertical wall mounting such as staircase landing area, corridors, classrooms, etc. It is driven by 5" dual cone driver, available with 1 / 3/ 6W 100V power taps.

CS516 BW LR.png


5" 6W 100V Slab Mount Speaker

In places where there is no false ceiling, ie. only concrete slabs, CS516 comes suitable for installation. It is available in white and black colours to match the finishing of the ceilings.

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