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Paging Microphones


PM1000 / 1060 / 1120
Analogue Paging Microphone

Amperes Analogue Paging Mic- PM1000


Amperes Analogue Paging Mic- PM1060


Amperes Analogue Paging Mic- PM1120



Clear voice reproduction with line and mic output selectable level

RJ45 connectors for easier connectivity to zone selector for remote triggering

PM1000 Series of analogue paging desk comprises of 3 models :

PM1000 : Desktop Mic with Chime

PM1060 : Desktop Mic with Chime and 6 zone selection

PM1120  : Desktop Mic with Chime and 12 zone selection

Amperes unique 4 tones Up and Down chime is available during paging startup and ending. They can be used for plug in to mixer or directly to amplifier inputs with its switchable output level ( mic or line ). Illuminated ring at mic head indicates the readiness of the mic for paging.

PM1060 and PM1120 has been improved with better voice reproduction and zone selection connectivity. They can connect to zone selector remote trigger ports using RJ45 Cat5e cables instead of D15 connectors. This had mad installation easier and faster.

  • Condenser mic with illuminated ring

  • Pre & post announcement 4 tone chime

  • Adjustable mic and chime volume

  • Output level selection ( mic/line )

  • Dry contact available for PM1000

  • 6 or 12 zone selection ( PM1060/1120 )

Technical Specifications

PM1000 / 1060 / 1120

Power requirement :   



Zone selection                   


Mic length       


Audio Output:            

Output impedance      

Output level                  

Output connection   

24 DC 

50 / 150 / 150 mA

Nil / 6 / 12 with all call 

Condenser with LED ring

370 mm



600 Ohm

Mic (0.755 mV) / Line (1.25V) 

Balanced phone jack​

Dry contact

Switching Connection



Freq response   

S/N ratio 

Dimensions (mm)


3A max (PM1000 only)

2 way connector (PM 1000)

RJ45 (PM1060 / PM1120)

100 - 12 KHz

 > 60 dB

150 X 62 X 186 (Excl mic)

600 / 620 / 850 gms



Instruction Manual


ACAD Image

Instruction Manual


ACAD Image

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