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We are ONE truly reliable partner

 " We take great pride in offering reliable, cost effective and user friendly systems for your needs, be it conventional, digital or IP based PA Systems. "


We are small, yet big enough to deliver satisfactions with unparalleled level of service. 

For every segment of market, simple and basic to more sophisticated and demanding high profile installations,

we shall always have something for your needs

This is who we are and what we do


We assist in design concepts to suit to the needs, best in functionality and economic sense minus unnecessary items in overly designed proposals.

Our goal is simply " Keep it simple and yet functional beyond expectations "



We offer rack installation services and you shall be assured of high quality finishing and comprehensive Testing and Commissioning from our qualified personnel.

Never settle for less than pleasant workmanship as this would affect the reputation of your company.



After sales service is one of our core value. We understand the urgently to reduce downtime and we are always readily reachable to solve your matters.

We take pride of our low turn around time, typically in less than 48 hours

Amperes 25th anniversary poster (1137 x 426 px).png

25th Year Anniversary

Amperes Electronics

Welcome to Amperes Electronics! We are thrilled to celebrate our 25 years anniversary in providing top-quality electronic products and services. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry. Explore our wide range of cutting-edge electronics and experience the latest technology. Stay connected with us on our YouTube channel for exciting product demos and tutorials. CLICK the icon below to watch our video.


Product Highlights

EVM8810 & EVS8820

Integrated Voice Alarm Controller


EVM8810 Front

Introducing the all new, compact integrated solution for your PA and EVAC needs !

The EVM8810 and EVS8820 are the perfect solution for small scale installations up to 24 zones. These Integrated Voice Alarm Controllers are built with important components for BGM broadcast and EVAC announcement, saving valuable rack space compared to individual components. Upgrade your system with ease and efficiency.

Stay tuned to learn more of this great product.


Integrated PA Management Software

NEW !!!

The Amperes PMX III is the ultimate upgrade to your PA system needs. Previous PMX II shall be replaced with this version and renamed Integrated PA Management Software. PMX III will be available in Standard and Premium options.


Among standard features available are the multi channel audio streaming of up to 10 channels to different BGM clients and it will work similar to a virtual matrix. Day and night audio level setting allows the system to adjust automatically to ambient level at day and night. 

The PMX III Premium version will includes features like Text to Speech (TTS) generator which is tie to Google TTS,  Zone Mapping UI, and device monitoring.


Get your hands on the most advanced PA system - the Amperes PMX III.

PMX III Music Server Dashboard


Audio / Event Recorder

AR1400 Event & Audio Recorder



Introducing the all new product which shall be available by the end 2022. AR1400 has dual functions, one being audio recorder and the other being audio & event recorder. It is used to record any paging events within the PA system, saving the announcement audio and the time stamp for the paging. With its large memory bank, thousands of events & audio can be saved and reviewed when it is required.

Why it is important to record the event ?. It shall be used as evidence should any dispute that may occur for any information being broadcasted. The information can be easily retrieved through PC. AR1400 is built around web technology, enabling it to be accessed using PC or tablets via web browser. 

A new range of column speakers is now available, CL740 and CL780.  CL740 is 40W 100V line driven by dual 4" PP cone driver with 1" tweeter, while CL780 is 80W version, deliver audio quality at par with full range box speakers.

It is IP65 rated, making it suitable for outdoor installation, with rust proof powder epoxy coated grilles and aluminum body. It comes with heavy duty flexible pan and tilt speaker brackets and with its unique mounting design, the speaker can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

CL740, 780

40W / 80W 100V line Full Range Column Speaker

CL740 40W 100V line Full Range Column Speaker



IP65 Rated.

Indoor and Outdoor Installation

PT1801 MK II

Weekly Programmable Timer with Web Interface

PT1801 MKII weekly programmable timer


The PT1801 MK II is a powerful programmable timer ideal for a PA system. It comes with a web interface which makes programming easier than ever before. It features NTP synchronization, allowing you to keep your PA system in sync with the rest of the world. Its intuitive interface makes programming and maintenance a breeze. The PT1801 MK II truly is the perfect choice for your PA system.

Amperes has developed a specialized horn speaker for tunnel applications, with high power driver and highly directional projection, tuned to human voice which is critical for listening clarity.


It is also suitable for other long throw applications such as mosques, early warning systems, etc. 


Tunnel Long Throw Horn

LH100 Tunnel Long Throw Horn


We are constantly updating or upgrading our products, both in firmwares and hardwares in sync with our continuous improvement policy to make Amperes a contemporary brand.

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Product Discontinuance

AX3800 has been replaced by AX3800 MK II.

Letter of discontinuance for other products are available for downloads.

22/23 full catalogues showcasing current and upcoming products due to be released soon.

Catalog Front Page

2022 / 23 Full Catalogues

Product Upgrades

Firmware / software and features upgrades can be viewed at individual product page as well as summary page

Version Compatibility

iPX Series of Equipment

All firmwares related to iPX5000 Series have been upgraded .. with system improvement and significantly reduced the latency to almost unnoticed delay in audio transmission

Our Testimonials

Part of installation references, full list available under "Project References"

Quarza Mall

Quarza Mall, KL East​

KK International Conv Center

KK International Conv Center, Sabah

UTAR Hospital

UTAR Hospital, Perak

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