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iPX Ethernet PA System

Ethernet Music Server 


Improved with ultra low latency

Amperes Ethernet Music Server - iPX5200


Super fast processing with ultra low latency audio transmission

Audio connectivity to 255 clients via multicast mode with quality audio streaming

It is also referred to as Network Audio Inserter which streams analogue BGM source to the LAN and extracted via iPX5155 or iPX5300.  High quality streaming of up to 320 kbps MP3 file can be streamed in multicast mode.

It consists of 4 analogue line inputs and SD card slot with 8 groups of receiving clients, each of which can be programmed to 32 extract devices.

With centralised audio streaming source, the administrator shall have controls over the destinations BGM playback, making it suitable for most PA installation.

Accepts 4 analogue input sources and 1 digital format via SD card


  • 4 analogue line input & 1 SD Card

  • Up to 255 IP Clients as audio extract

  • Client groupings for easier broadcast

  • High quality audio streaming

  • Multiformat audio encoding

  • Setup via browser

  • WIFI connectivity for wireless transmission

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :                                                      Voltage                            18-24V DC                            Current                            100mA

Connectivity :                 

   LAN Interface                 RJ45 ; 10/100T Base

   Protocols                        TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP,HTTP

   Priority Protocols           UDMP, ADP

   Client Connections        255 Max

Audio inputs :

   Input level                   Line level 1.25 V

   THD                             0.1%

   S/N ratio                     83 dB

   SD digital format        IMA ADPCM / MP3 / WAV

User Interface :                 

IE Ver 8 and above, Firefox,Google Chrome (preferred )

RS485 ( Service access only )


Weight :

482 x 44 x180 mm 

1.9 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note :

Firmware Ver 2.08 ( Feb 22 ) Available -
Bug fixes at client connections

Download available at download page. 

See note on Version Compatibility 
Please contact us for details

Amperes Version Compatibility

For uninterrupted operation of IP network, we would recommend the following versions to be used in your system.

Do check here as we shall make updates from time to time. 

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