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Pre Amplifier Mixer

Amperes Pre-amplifier mixer -MX2222


12 inputs with priority channels suitable for pa installation

Mic / line selection for inputs 1 to 6,  phantom power switch 

MX2222 is a compact pre-amplifier designed for PA System application. It has 12 inputs in total with mic / line options and has priority inputs for channel 1 to 2, Line / Chime inputs. The muting for these priority channels can be adjusted manually.​

The dual outputs is suitable for uninterrupted paging setup, with one output as mixed signals and the other solely for BGM output. 

With its adjustable muting feature, MX2222 can be turned into normal mixer, suitable for use in meeting rooms, small hall, etc.

BGM audio source selector


  • 12 inputs : 6 mic / line, 4 RCA, 2 external lines

  • Auto muting with adjustable ducking level

  • Phantom power for mic 1 to 4 ( switchable )

  • Dual output for uninterrupted paging setup

  • BGM source selector with independent audio out

  • Bass and treble controls

  • Suitable for both PA applications and normal audio mixing 

  • 24V DC back up

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    




Inputs & Outputs:












Phantom power    

Freq response     

S/N ratio 

Dimensions :  

Weight :              

220 - 240 V ac / 24V DC 

2.4W ( 240V ac ) 

100 mA ( 24V DC )

6 x Mic XLR (internal select)

4 x line BGM 

1 x external chime in

1 x mixer link

Line 1.25V balanced XLR

Line 1.2 V BGM phone jack 

Mic channel, Chime, Mix in

Master, BGM select

Bass and treble

12V DC mic 1 to 4

175 - 15 kHz

> 60 dB @ 1 KHz

482 X 44 X 180 mm

2.2 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Rear View

Main line out

Ext line in

Mute adjustment

Cross References


 - 13 inputs 2 output pre-amplifier mixer

Amperes Pre Amplifier Mixer- MX2222 (Rear View)

24V DC backup 

Rec & BGM outputs

BGM source inputs

Mic / line 


Phantom power switch

Last updated on 6/8/22

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