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Mini Amplifier with Dual Inputs

Amperes Mini Amplifier with Dual Inputs- PA322

Dual unbalanced line audio input sources, selectable via external control panel 

Built in 100V converter for overriding by main PA system

Class D amplifier for 4 ohm speakers, suitable for localised area such as hotel bathroom

PA322 is a small amplifier with 8 Ohm speaker connection, used to amplifier unbalanced line signal, such as from TV or other player to one or two speakers with a total load of 20W.

It has dual inputs which is selectable via remote volume control & source selector ( VC7001 ).


Its built in emergency overriding relay allows main PA to bypass local audio to allow 100V broadcast to the local speaker.

Application examples, TV room audio to bathroom in hotel rooms, counter calls, remote speakers etc.

  • 20W 4 Ohm output

  • Class D amplifier module

  • Dual inputs sources

  • 24V DC overriding

  • Volume adjustment remotely

  • Source selectable via VC7001

  • Compact size

Technical Specifications


Operating voltage


Amplifier type


Input connector

Input sensitivity

Max input

Input impedance


Output connector


Volume controller

Freq response

S/N ratio

THD + Noise


Dimensions (WxHxD)


20W 4 Ohm

220-240V ac : 50/60 Hz

Idle : 1.55W
Full load : 5.5W

Class D

2 x mono : unbal.line

100V line audio

24V DC overriding

Detachable phoenix

800 mV

1V rms ( +4dBU )

10 K Ohm

4 Ohm

Detachable phoenix

External Vol & source

Amperes VC7001

20-20 kHz

> 70dB@ 1kHz +/-3dB


Thermal, short circuit

Overload, ac fuse

140 x 55 x 95 mm

820 g



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Application Example
Amperes Mini Amplifier with Dual Inputs- PA322 Application Example

From central PA system

(essential broadcast)

Room TV ( Source 1 )

Room Player ( Source 2 )

Amperes VC7001

source selector and volume controller


2x 100V audio
2x 24V DC overriding

unbalanced audio

unbalanced audio


Speaker cable

4 / 8 Ohm speaker

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