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PSU and battery charger

Power supply unit, battery charger and sequential switcher are the correct powering units for a continuous and reliable operation of the system .               

Included in this section are paging mic zone decoders, several versions of zone selectors including uninterrupted paging zone decoders, integrated zone decoder / selectors and source selector. They are used to decode data from paging mic and activate the selected zone for paging broadcast.

Model Lisiting

Amperes 8 Channel Sequential Power Switcher- SQ9815


8 Ch Sequential Power Switcher

It is always advisable to power up equipment in sequence, orderly manner ie.  from mixer to power amplifiers and vice versa. This is to prevent power surge, and in long term prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

SQ9815 is a 8 channel ac powering unit making switching on or off simpler by push of a button. Two units can be link to form a 16 channel setup.

Amperes 24V DC Regulated Power Supply


24V DC Regulated Power Supply

PS9400 is a rack mounted 24V DC regulated power supply with built in mains failure changeover relay. This allows battery to continue supplying the critical equipment during power failures, ensuring continuous operation of the system.

Only regulated power supply should be used in PA installation, as unregulated types may produce voltages unsuitable for powering the equipment upon fluctuation of incoming mains.

Amperes 24V DC  Automatic Battery Charger- BC9740


24V DC Automatic Battery Charger

BC9740 is a microprocessor based charger for 24V DC battery bank with 4A capacity, suitable for SLA batteries of up to 100 Ah. It is engineered with latest technology for efficient charging, controls and with monitoring features.

It protects against battery terminal's wrong terminations, prolonging battery life with its monitoring circuit and providing RS485 data for external monitoring purpose. The compact unit with the LCD status display shall be the right choice for your back up power solutions.

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