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Speaker Zone Selectors

ZS5601 / ZS5121
6 / 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Amperes 6 Channel Speaker Zone Selector- ZS5601
Amperes 12ch Speaker Zone Selector - ZS5121

Most versatile speaker zone selector with front and remote trigger paging

Cascadable to form large system

These classic speaker zone selectors, available in 6 and 12 channels are used to switch BGM or Paging audio to selected zones. They can be cascaded to form larger setup.

Triggering a zone via paging mic shall bypass the front selected zone ( BGM ) and is indicated by a bypass LED. They are suitable for PM series of paging microphones for direct switching or installed with TD6240 zone decoders in case of larger installations using PD series of paging consoles.

  • 6 and 12 zone versions

  • Cascade to more zones

  • Remote trigger via ext paging mic

  • Paging override of BGM

  • Dry contact for EM mic

  • Flexible amp to zone configurations

Technical Specifications

ZS5601 / 5121

Power requirement :    



Load / ch     

Output Zone   

Amp inputs    


Switching mode 


Dry contact            

Dimensions (mm):          Weight:        

24V DC ; 0.5A

3.5 W  /  6.8 W

500W 100V

6 / 12

6 / 12

Front switch / rear analogue

Normal, paging bypass, AC

Individual, bypass (priority)


482 X 44 X 180                        

1.7 / 2.1 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Rear View
Amperes 12ch Speaker Zone Selector - ZS5121 (Rear View)

ZS5121 - 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

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