Model Listing

Amperes DP Class D Amplifiers


DP2240 / 2500 / 4240

Multi Channel Class D Amplifiers

Amperes's new Class D compact multi channel amplifiers are the latest additions to the power amplifier series, available in 2 x 240W (DP2240) , 2 x 500W (DP2500) and 4 x 240W (DP4240) 100V line. With its tranformer-less 1 hu, it takes up less space in the rack while able to deliver the required power to the whole system.

With its high efficiency Class D circuitry, it is not only has high power efficiency but has wider frequency response, thus able to deliver the music reproduction to most desired hearing. Amperes DP Amps are equipped with various protections such as overload clipping, short circuit and thermal overload.

DP2406 Front LR.png

DP2000 Series : 2212 / 2406

Multi Channel Class D Amplifiers

DP2000 Series power amplifiers are built on Class D amplifier circuit platform available in 2 versions ; 2 x 120W ( DP2212 ) and 4 x 60W ( DP2406 ).  They are suitable for large scale zone numbers with lower power ratings than usual. Among them, matrix setups.

These versions of Class D come with isolated output transformer, providing a more stable circuit protections against interference at speaker circuits.​  With the multi channel unit, it will save some rack spaces of up to 75% as compared to normal system.

PA2480 Front LR.png

PA2000 Series :

2120 / 2240 / 2360 / 2480 / 2600

Power Amplifiers

PA2000 series has been serving the PA installations for more than a decade and trusted for its performance and reliability. 600W 100V line ( PA2600 ) has been added to the series along with existing 120W ( PA2120 ), 240W ( PA2240 ), 360W ( PA2360 ) and 480W ( PA2480 ). 

We had added new features and improve the designs over the years based on feedback and surely they are to be a trusted workhorse at competitive pricing.

QP2000 Front LR.png

QP2000 Series :

2125 / 2250 / 2375 / 2500

Power Amplifiers with AFS

QP2000 Series comprises of power ratings from 125W (QP2125), 250W (QP2250), 375W (QP2375) and 500W (QP2500), has been in production for a decade and improvements are made in between.

Distinct feature is its built in auto fault sensor ( AFS ) and standby changeover relay, making overall setup easier. It has RS485 port which can be controlled and monitored over remote PC, directly via UART or through iPX5500 for IP network.


Mini Amplifier w Remote VC

Mini Class D amplifier

Amperes PA322 is a newly designed mini amplifier to cater for the needs of small area local audio broadcast such as hotel bathroom, classroom, or small lounge. It has built in PA overriding module, which the main PA would override local music for essential announcement to pass through.

It is powered by high efficiency 20W 4 Ohm Class D amplifier module with low heat dissipation and excellent sound reproduction. 2 input source are available and shall be connected to external volume controller VC7001 that comes with source selector button and smooth rotation volume controller.

With its compact built package, it can be easily installed and hidden, such as inside cabinet or above ceiling.


Mini Amplifier

mini amplifier

PA320 is a small amplifier with 8 Ohm speaker connection, used to amplifier unbalanced line signal, such as from TV or other player to one or two speakers with a total load of 20W.

Application examples, TV room audio to bathroom in hotel rooms, counter calls, remote speakers etc.


Mini Amplifier

mini amplifier

In a decentralised system, PA330 shall be used to power several speakers of up to 30W 100V line. It accepts unbalanced line input ( RCA ) with volume control and is suitable for applications such as pole speaker warning system, resorts chalet remote pa installation and so forth.

PA330 has been fully redesigned both externally and internally which is more robust and able to deliver better sound reproduction as compared to its earlier version.

Mixing amplifier

MA2000 / P Series :

2060 / 2120 / 2024

Mixing Amplifier with Zone Select

For a small setup such as shops, restaurants, mini markets, classrooms etc.. MA2000 Series of mixing amplifiers is suitable and is available in 60W (MA2060), 120W (MA2120) and 240W (MA2024). 

Versions with prefix "P", eg MA2024P is fixed with media player for USB, SD Card and AM/FM tuner.

mixing amplifier

MC2000 Series : 2106 / 2112

Basic Mixing Amplifier

MC2106 and MC2112 are 60W and 120W 100V line respectively, very suitable for small installation without zoning, such as retail outlets, meeting rooms, etc.

Despite being basic, it has features like paging mic muting and various protection circuits. It operates only with AC supply.