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Amplifier Monitoring

Amplifier Monitor Module

Amperes Amplifier Monitor Module - AS4000
Technical Specifications

Power requirement :   Voltage       



Input impedance  

Output impedance  

Max audio input  

Max audio output

Transmit interval 

Detection delay  

Recovery time       

Detection output  


Weight :           

24V DC 



10K Ohm

600 Ohm

0.75 V

1.2 V

10 seconds

20 seconds

30 seconds

NO / NC dry contacts

120 X 96 X 28 mm

330 g

AS4000 is used to monitor the status of 70 / 100V line power amplifiers which do not have built in detection module. Each AS4000 shall be connected to individual power pack and dry contact from it shall be used to activate a changeover of AC3801 when failure is detected. This contact may also be used for other purpose.

  • Interval Pilot Tone injection to reduce loading to amplifiers

  • Works independently; with or without audio signal

  • Low distortion to original audio

  • Status monitoring : Pilot Tone and amp fault

  • Compatible with most 70 / 100V line amplifiers



Instruction Manual

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