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Speaker zone decoder / selector

Installed speakers may be divided into several zones or for larger installations, they may reach over hundreds. Being the earliest product being produced, Amperes is no doubt has the most matured technology in this area, offering product stability and reliability for satisfactory usage over the years.

Included in this section are paging mic zone decoders, several versions of zone selectors including uninterrupted paging zone decoders, integrated zone decoder / selectors and source selector. They are used to decode data from paging mic and activate the selected zone for paging broadcast.




6 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

6 Ch Uninterrupted Paging Zone Selector

6 Ch Speaker Zone Selector W Fail Safe

12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector W Fail Safe

ZS5601 :     

ZS5121 :     

ZS5602 :        

ZS5062 :         

ZS5122 :    

24 Ch Mic Zone Decoder

8 Ch Zone Decoder / Selector

2 x 4 Ch Zone Decoder / Selector / Matrix Extender

4 Input Music Source Selector

Model Listing

Speaker Zone Selectors

Speaker Zone Selectors

ZS5601 / ZS5121

6 / 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Amperes 6 Ch Speaker Zone Selector - ZS5601

ZS5601 - 6 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Amperes 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector - ZS5121

These classic speaker zone selectors, available in 6 and 12 channels are used to switch BGM or Paging audio to selected zones. They can be cascaded to form larger setup.

Triggering a zone via paging mic shall bypass the front selected zone ( BGM ) and is indicated by a bypass LED. They are suitable for PM series of paging microphones for direct switching or installed with TD6240 zone decoders in case of larger installations using PD series of paging consoles.

ZS5121 - 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Amperes 6 Ch Uninterrupted Paging Zone Selector - ZS5602


6 Ch Uninterrupted Paging Zone Selector

Uninterrupted paging is used whenever it is required that paging to a zone shall not interrupt other zones on BGM. It is more costly to setup as 2 sets of amplifiers shall be required ; one for BGM and the other for Paging.

ZS5602 is designed for the purpose, which has 2 sets of amplifier inputs, and zone selection is available for paging and BGM. Other features as per normal zone selector remains. Should more zones are required, they can be cascaded as many as wanted.

Amperes 6 Channel Speaker Zone Selector (with Fail Safe)- ZS5062

ZS5062 - 6 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Amperes 12 Channel Speaker Zone Selector (with Fail Safe)- ZS5122

ZS5062 / ZS5122

6 / 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector (with Fail Safe)

ZS5062 and 5122 looks like any ordinary zone selectors but with one distinct feature is the fail safe operation. Should the power to the unit is interrupted or the unit itself fails, all zones shall be activated, to ensure that any emergency broadcast shall not be interrupted. Apart from this, all other features available in other zone selectors remained.

RS485 communication port is available for remote monitoring via PMX software.

ZS5122 - 12 Ch Speaker Zone Selector

Zone Decoder / Selector

Zone Decoder Selector


24 Ch Zone Speaker Zone Decoder

Amperes 24 Channel Zone Speaker Zone Decoder TD6240

Amperes TD6240 is 24 channel zone decoder meant for Amperes PD series of paging microphones, decoding the data for switching of zone selectors. They can be stacked for larger setup of up to 192 zones.

Zone triggering with ZS zone selectors are through Cat 5e cables provided.  Each TD6240 has 3 circuits for PD connections, and with each circuit, multiple paging console can be looped, enable multi point paging system.

Amperes 8 Channel Zone Decoder/ Selector- TD6080


8 Ch Zone Decoder / Selector

TD6080 is a combination of Zone Decoder and Selector in a unit, featuring 8 ch zone selection, engineered for convenience in installation works and reduction of equipment count in the rack.

They can be stacked up to form up to 128 zones with two circuits for paging microphone connections. Also configurable as group BGM / Paging for matrix setup.

Amperes 2*4 Channel Zone Decoder/ Matrix Extender- TD6400


2 x 4 Ch Zone Decoder / Matrix Extender

TD6400 works similarly with TD6080, as zone decoder for PD Series of microphones with front manual zone selector. However some improvements are added to make this unit more flexible ie, it is divided into 2 groups of 4 zones each. This is useful in zone grouping setup when used with Matrix controller for zone expansion. It shall reduced the number of unused zones within the group.

ie. if an output 1 from Matrix is to serve 3 zones ( zone 1 to 3 ) and output 2 with 4 zones ( Zone 4 to 7 ), only 1 zone shall be unused, as compared to using TD6080 which would have total 9 unused zones by using 2 nos of the unit.

Starting zone address is now flexible and not tied up to the unit's starting address. Each group would have arbitrary starting address, such as group 1 with starting address of 9.

TD6400 would be a perfect component to be used with Matrix controller for Zone Expansion, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Input Source Selector

Input Source Selector


4 Ch BGM Source Selector

SS6401 is a simple 4 input source selector with RCA jacks.  It is suitable for music selection before input to mixer.

Amperes BGM Source Selector- SS6401
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