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Periodical updates are available for products' firmwares, softwares and other information such as marketing materials and notifications. Some are only available for download in desktop such as firmwares in hex codes.

Please contact us for assistance if back versions are required. 

To download individual product's catalogue, instruction manual, data sheet and acad product drawing, please visit respective product's page.
By sections
The following Powerpoint slides may be helpful in product presentation during product or system briefings, or just to gain more information of what Amperes can offer to enhance your system.
iPX Ethernet Paging 
Phased Evacuation Control / Fire Alarm Interface
Firmware Updates
Updates for equipment firmware shall be available from time to time due to bug fixes or product features improvement. Download the file version and upload them to your equipment as per method shown in the instruction manual.

Please check compatibility of different version before updates. Contact us for details

IP Products
Inputs Products
Paging Microphones
Firmware Updates
Matrix System
Software Updates
Updates for PMX softwares and related application software ie. PT1801, MR1301 etc
EVAC Messages ( Audio Files )
Audio files of various messages are available for download in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil. All files are in MP3 format.
Audo fles
Notification / Letter of Discontinuation 
We constantly upgrade our products, and normally we change model number for major changes. It may be a little bit inconvenience and we hereby provide manufacturer's letter of discontinuance as testimony.
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