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Line Monitoring & Amplifier Changeover

Speaker line monitoring detects fault in speaker circuit while amplifier changeover units shall automatically replace faulty duty amplifier to standby unit. These features are required to comply with EN54 or BS5839 Part 8 Code of Practice for EVAC systems as well as most local regulations for PA systems.

Various models with different capacities are available from Amperes to cater for the above requirement.



LS4808 / 4816 :

8 / 16 Ch Speaker Line Monitoring



AM4120  :  12 Ch Amplifier Monitor Panel



AC3801  :  8 Duty / 1 Standby Manual Changeover Unit

AX3800 MK II : 8 Duty / 1 Standby Auto Changeover

AX3800  :  8 Duty / 1 Standby Auto Changeover Unit (EOL)

Model Lisiting

Speaker Line Monitoring

Speaker Line Monitoring

Amperes Speaker Line Monitor - LS4808

LS4808 / LS4816

8/ 16 Channel Speaker Line Surveillance


Amperes Speaker Line Monitor - LS4816


LS4808 and LS4816 are all new speaker line monitoring unit, replacing the long running LS4600. Now available in 2 versions ; 8 and 16 channels types.

With their new processor and measurement algorithm, they are now able to perform tasks faster with better accuracy. Additional features included were trigger monitoring, which can be linked to timer for preset times activation.

Similar to its previous model, they provide reliable speaker circuit monitoring for ground leakage, short and open circuit using impedance measurement method, thus eliminating the use of blocking capacitors and end line resistors. 

Amplifier Monitoring

Amplifier Monitoring

Amperes 12Ch Amplifier Monitor Panel - AM4120


12 Channel Amplifier Monitor Panel

It is used to monitor amplifier audio outputs installed at rack for 70 and 100V line amplifiers. AM4120 comes with LED level meter and 1W speaker, catering for 12 amplifier outputs.

It is used to facilitate output level calibration of each output of the power packs and also to listen to the sound at rack, without having to run to the zone for checking.

Standby Amplifier Changeover Unit

Standby Amplifier Changeover Unit

Amperes 8/1 Manual Amp Changeover Unit - AC3801


8 duty / 1 standby Manual Amplifier Changeover Unit

AC3801 is a manual changeover unit for standby amplifier takeover but can be used with amplifiers with auto fault sensor to enable auto changeover function when needed.

It is a 8 duty / 1 standby unit but can be cascaded for 1 standby to serve more than 9 duty amplifiers

Amperes 8 duty/ 1 standby Auto Amplifier Changeover Unit AX3800 MKII

AX3800 MK II

8 duty / 1 standby Auto Amplifier Changeover Unit

AX3800 MK II is an upgraded version which has been further improved in its features and performance, such as faster detection and recovery time, lower noise and further refined pilot tone injection.

All other features in previous version remained.

Amperes 8/1 Auto Amp Changeover Unit - AX3800



8 duty / 1 standby Auto Amplifier Changeover Unit

AX3800 is 8 duty / 1 standby auto changeover unit , providing a switching platform for standby unit to replace the position of failed duty amplifier. Should one standby unit is required to serve more than 8 power packs, more than one AX3800 can be cascaded.

It provides switching both at input and output section, thus suitable for matrix system where all amplifiers has different input sources. Detection is via 20 KHz, which is inaudible to human ears.

While it is compatible for most makes of amplifiers, please check the specifications of the amplifiers as they may have high frequency cut off, which would make the overall changeover functions unstable.

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