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MR1301 MK II
EVAC Voice Message Player

Amperes EVAC Voice Message Player- MR1301 MKII

MR1301 MK II is an upgraded version of EVAC message player which is into its 3rd generation of this essential tool in Public Address installations. The convenience of setup and operating has been greatly taken into consideration. Among notably improvement is the web based user interface (UI). Tasks such as uploading of files, combining or grouping messages or key assignments can be performed via the friendly UI or the front buttons.

It shall perform above expectations by delivering precise and clear messages, to enable timely and systematic evacuation messages during distress.

Apart of being an EVAC messaging tool, it can also be used as general message player for playback of tones / chimes, prayers, voice recordings etc.


Setup / programming through web browser with user friendly UI

real time clock

Event logging with real time clock for every message triggered

memory card

Large memory bank of up to 32 GB to store multiple large playback files

  • 32 bits ARM processor for fast processing

  • Web based GUI for configurations

  • Up to 32 GB memory space 

  • Front and rear playback option

  • 320 kbps MP3 quality

  • 64 kbps direct voice recording

  • Flexible message configuration

  • Event logging with time stamp

  • Built in 5 band equalizer

  • File and configuration back up and restore

  • RS485 port

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    





Inputs (recording)   



File format    

MP3 quality      

Voice recording 

File / bank       



Dimensions (WHD)


24V DC



32 bit ARM processor

Line Unbal via RCA

Mic via phone jack


Up to 320 kbps

IMA ADPCM 16 KHz bit rate

20 files / button

Line 1.25V balanced XLR    

16 ( front and back )

482 X 44 X 180 mm

2.0 kg



Instruction Manual (V5/23)

ACAD Image 

Audio files

Version 1.13

Updated : Feb 2023

Bug fixes to message file settings

Refer to product brochures for detailed specifications

Front and Rear Views
Amperes EVAC Voice Message Player- MR1301 MKII (Front View)
Amperes EVAC Voice Message Player- MR1301 MKII (Rear View)
Cross References
The predecessor ( 2nd generation of EVAC player ) of this MR1301 MK II which has been running for more than 5 years is now discontinued. Features available has been continued in 3rd generation version with much improvements, added features and contemporary.
Application Schematic
MR1301 MK2 Application Schematic
External dry contacts from timer / fire alarm interface
etc ( up to 16 voltage free dry contacts )
Alternative bypass : Audio & Trigger to EP1200
24V DC Override trigger to All Call
2 x Audio 100V
2 x 24V Override DC
Volume Controllers
Power Amplifiers
Speaker Zone Selector
Emergency Paging Panel
Pre-amplifier Mixer
MR1301 MK II 
User Interfaces
Amperes MR1301 MKII User Interfaces (Message Configuration)
Amperes MR1301 MKII User Interfaces (Message Library)
Amperes MR1301 MKII User Interfaces (Event Logs)
Each key can be assigned to one or several message and programmed to play files in sequence required with delays in between
With large memory bank of 16 GB ( option to 32 GB ), large number of files can be stored for playback, including direct voice recording.
Every event is logged for reference with real time clock.
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