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Paging Override Module

Remote Paging Override Module

Amperes Remote Paging Override Module- PR7400
Amperes Remote Paging Override Module- PR7400 (Output Side View)

Output Side View


It works with any 100V line audio inputs to convert into balanced line audio output

Works seamlessly with any system for making emergency overriding to local system

PR7400 is used to provide a relay contact whenever a paging is in progress, as well as converting the 100V line paging audio to line level, in summary as :

Relay :

NO and NC relay of 1A contact allows local BGM source overriding, bypass local volume controller to allow central paging to pass through. This is useful during essential paging and whenever 24V DC overriding signal is not available in the cabling works.

100V - Line audio converter

When it is required that the central paging to be broadcasted to local speakers utilising the local amplifier / system, it provides an audio conversion with balanced line audio. 

  • DPDT with NC and NO relay for different output configurations

  • 100V to Line audio conversion

  • Adjustable detection sensitivity, relay trigger duration

  • Adjustable line output volume

  • Suitable for remote overriding for installations without 24V DC VC overriding cable

  • Modular for flexible placement of unit such as in cabinets, risers, etc

Suggested Installations :

- Boutiques / restaurants

- Function rooms 

- Remote buildings linked with 100V without

  24V DC overriding signal

- Classrooms etc with volume controllers

Technical Specifications






Paging input                 

Sensitivity threshold  

Detection frequency   


Relay contact                 

Paging load / rating     

Trigger duration            

Audio output                 

Output level                   

Freq response               

Isolation to 100V         



Dimensions  (mm)       



24 DC via local adapter

2.1W ( standby )

2.5W ( operating )


50 / 70 / 100V line

5 - 80V rms

80 - 5 KHz

NC and NO ( DPDT )

1A @ 24V DC

100W @ 100V

 5 - 18 seconds


line balanced

Mute - 0 dB

20-20 KHz +/- 3dB


Power, Relay trigger, Audio

Detachable Phoenic

50 X 147 X 40 WH                     

200g ( est )



Instruction Manual ( Nov21)

ACAD Image 

Application Examples
Amperes Remote Paging Override Module- PR7400 Application Example 1 (Overriding Local BGM Source)

Certain zones, such as retail units, restaurants, theaters are normally free from normal paging of central system, and they would have own localized BGM or simple PA.

Only essential paging would pass through the localized speakers. As such, PR7400 would be employed to provide overriding of local volume controller ( if available ) and inserting line audio to the mixer.

In this example, audio to the speakers is powered from local amplifier.

Amperes Remote Paging Override Module- PR7400 Application Example 2 (Overriding Local Speakers)

In this setup, central paging shall power the local speakers, regardless whether the local amplifier is turned on or off. This shall be a preferred setup and useful for emergency paging.

It is important to consider the load of local speakers and provide adequate power rating of amplifiers at central rack.

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