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PT1801 MK II
Weekly Programmable Timer w Web Interface

PT1801 MK2 Front.png

1000 presets with flexible time-audio assignments and dry contacts

The newly improved PT1801 MKII is one powerful PA system component that is designed for both conventional and Amperes iPX Ethernet paging systems. While the existing features are retained, much has been added to this version, which is based on web technology.


It features user-friendly web interfaces for better user experiences in setting up, modifications and controls. Coupled with 32 GB of memory, the device allows users to store up to 1000 presets and hundreds of audio files with flexibility to play audio assignments to preset times. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality PA system with plenty of features and customizability.

32 GB memory for large quantity of audio files storage

User friendly UI for better user experience in device setup / configurations.

  • 8 dry contact output ports with 1 balanced audio

  • 1000 preset times 

  • 32 GB media storage for thousands of audio files

  • Free output-preset assignments

  • Web based UI with user friendly interfaces

  • RS485 data port available

  • Suitable for both conventional and Amperes iPX Ethernet paging system

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    



Output channels

Trigger mode 

Contact rating  



Output level   

Out connection  

Clock Sync


Setup interface

Operation modes

Dimensions :  

Weight :    

24V DC






32 GB


1.2 V rms, balanced

Mini phoenix


RS485 19.2kbps

Web interface

Conventional - Analog/ digital, 

Amperes iPX LAN

482 X 44 X 160mm

2 kg



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Note :

Firmware Ver 1.04

Please contact us for details

User Interface
Media Library.png
Local Schedule.png

Schedules can be made simultaneously for both conventional and iPX Paging setups.

Schedules can be viewed as list format or in calendar mode

Allows preview of files, edit or cancel schedules easily

The large storage capacity allows thousands of files to be stored in the device

Rear View
PT1801 MK II weekly programmer timer rear view
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