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Telephone Paging Interface

Amperes Telephone Paging Interface- TI6100

Plug in to any PABX extension to link to PA System

Balance line output for feed to any PA mixer's line input

TI6100 is an interface module for PA and PABX Systems. Now every telephone extension can be virtually converted into a paging station for all call paging.


With in-depth research and fine tuning of the product, TI6100 has been produced with great performance with noise reduction technology and added features such as relay contact on activation.

It works with most hybrid PABX system, and if it is required to merge with IP System, we have the flexibility for seamless integration with our IPX series of equipment.

  • Ultra low noise reduction

  • Relay contact for external triggering

  • Balance line output

  • Chime and Paging volume controls

  • Auto cut off upon release of announcement

  • Works with most hybrid PABX Systems

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    



Input connection

Input sensitivity

Input impedance

Freq response

Output level

Volume controls

Relay contact

Contact rating


Dimensions ( mm)



24 DC 

1.13 W

Tel line : RJ11
RS485 ; mini Phoenix

440 mV

150 Ohm

800 - 8 kHz

1.2 V rms ; balanced

Paging / Music



Power, signal, call, relay

100 X 40 X 147

320 g



ACAD Image 

Instruction Manual

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