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Voice Alarm Controller Extension

EVS8820 Front
new product

EVS8820 works alongside EVM8810 which acts as the central control unit for the system. It is essentially an extension or additional unit that helps in expanding the coverage area of the voice alarm system. Using EVM8810 alone can connect with 8 speakers and with this extension, it can connect up to 16 speakers. 

It comes with high efficiency Class D amplifier and a built-in monitoring speaker with volume control. EVS8820 also provides programmable ALL Call relay trigger or front button ALL Call for remote paging. It has a Auto Fault Sensor (AFS) and it can self diagnose for faulty unit. Whenever EVM8820 doesn't detect any incoming signal, it will reduce power consumption by having a switchable standby power.


High efficiency Class D amplifier

Built-in monitoring speaker 

Auto Fault Sensor (AFS)

  • High efficiency Class D amplifier 

  • Built-in monitoring speaker with volume control

  • 100V outputs 

  • 8 zone output with remote trigger 

  • Prioritized changeover

  • Cascade feature available

  • Programmable ALL Call relay trigger for remote paging or front button ALL Call

  • Buzzer for fault detection with on/off switch

  • Fault dry contact

  • Auto Fault Sensor (AFS), self diagnose for faulty unit

  • Switchable standby power to reduce power consumption when no incoming signal is detected.

Technical Specifications

1000W at 100 V line                                       


220 - 240 V ac

0.4A at 240 V ac

Backup amplifier input port: 100 V line

Mic 9.6 kOhm

Line 10 kOhm

8 zones 

Master line output : 0 dBU

Line output : 0 dBU



Power requirement :    


Standby current         

Inputs & Outputs :

Inputs channels   


Input Impedance 

Zone output        

Audio output     

Audio link to slave     

Amp volume control

Thermal, short circuit, overload and AC fuses

Auto temperature controlled fans

482 X 132 X 420 mm

10.8 kg





Dimensions :  

Weight :    



Instruction Manual V1 / 0524

ACAD Image 

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