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Network BGM Server Software 

Amperes Network BGM Server Softwar- PMX II LAN

PC based software for paging, scheduling, music playback and monitoring

Works seamlessly with iPX systems with remote monitoring via iPX5500

PMX II LAN version has all the features of PMX II Standalone with additional modules such as monitoring and control of equipment. Instead of dongle ( PMX interface ), it works with IP Clients such as iPX5155, 5300 and 5500 for collection of data and audio streaming.

Interfacing with iPX5500 would allow remote monitoring of equipment such as QP Series of power amplifiers, status of AX3800 and other modules that are being developed. This feature allows user to remotely monitor equipment located at different racks at different locations.

Regular updates are available for free download.

  • Works with Amperes iPX ethernet clients for audio streaming, monitoring and controls

  • Activity status of connected equipment

  • Media playback source for any music source supported by Windows Media Player

  • Media library to store unlimited songs in HDD

  • Weekly programmable timer for message or chimes playback

  • Calendar scheduling for media playback

  • Zone controls up to 258 zones

  • Naming of zones for easy identifications

  • Group paging / media playback

  • Priority paging setup with other PD mic in the system

  • Emergency paging alert



Instruction Manual (3/2020)

Note :

Software update : Jan 2022 Version 2.24

Check the compatibility versions

Refer to download page for latest updates

version compatibility

View Compatibility versions

User Interfaces
Amperes Network BGM Server Software - PMX II LAN (Status of connected music clients)

Status of connected music clients

Amperes Network BGM Server Software - PMX II LAN (Scheduling available for Dates, Daily, or Weekly repetitive

Scheduling available for Dates, Daily or Weekly repetitive 

Amperes Music Server Software - PMX II LAN (UI for paging which can be made to group of zones or specific zones only)

UI for paging which can be made to group of zones or specific zones only

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