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iPA5000 Series
Ethernet Amplifier Terminals

iPA5060  60W   100V
iPA5120   120W  100V
iPA5240  240W  100V
iPA5360  360W 100V

iPA5360 Iso View.png

High efficiency and better frequency response with Class D amplifier

Input for local paging which shall be bypassed by central paging

Setup / programming through web browser with user friendly UI

Amperes IP amplifier terminal series is now improved by employing Class D power amplifier circuits to provide better performance in terms of wider frequency response and power efficiency. It has also been reduced in size and weight, enabling it to space installation space which is normally rather small in risers, or cabinets.

iPA5000 Series is now extended to 240W and 360W 100V outputs and enable more speaker loads covering larger installation areas.

Where it is used?. 

iPA5000 can be conveniently placed in remote areas for distributed IP based PA system, for cost savings in cabling works as well as less prone to damages over running long cables. Among places of installations are campus, resorts of multiple chalets / blocks, office or commercial complex as well as high rise buildings.

  • Available in various ratings from 60, 120, 240 and 360W 100V outputs

  • 4 Ohm output option for speakers without transformer

  • Class D amplifiers for better performance

  • Plays remote LAN BGM feed and Paging

  • Local input terminal for local source

  • Auto muting local source when remote paging is activated

  • Input and output gain controls

Technical Specifications

Power requirement :    


   S/by consumption 

   Load power  



Local input

Local input select

Freq response

Playback format 

Audio priority  


Dimensions (WHD)


220 - 240 V AC

18 W ( 0.25 A )

iPA5060 : 115 W
iPA5120 : 160 W
iPA4240 : 285 W
iPA5360 : 450 W

Mic / line level

Push button 

120 - 20 kHz


Remote paging

100V and 4 Ohm

250 x 83 x 200 mm

3.10 kg

Refer to product brochures for detailed specifications



Instruction Manual

ACAD Image 

Version 1.00

Updated : Dec 2021

Front and Rear Views
iPA5360 Front.png
iPA5360 Bottom.png
Cross References
The predecessor of this Version 2 has power ratings of 60 and 120W only, with Class AB power amplifiers.

All features available has been carried forward to new version.
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Application Schematic
iPA5000 Web Schematic_edited.jpg
iPD1280 Paging Mic
iEP1200 Emergency Paging Mic
iEP1202 Emergency Paging Mic
Local Audio Source ie.
Media Player /
Paging Mic etc
LAN / Fiber Link
iPX5200 Network Audio
iPX5101 Network Controller
PC with PMX LAN Software
User Interfaces
iPA Menu.png
iPA Audio Set.png
5 band EQ available for audio enhancement to suit installed environment for BGM.
Main menu showing device information, unit configurations for network connectivity, paging and BGM.
iPA System.png
Each iPA can be uniquely name for easy identification.
iPA can be protected from unauthorized access.
Updated firmware / patches can be downloaded from website to enchance product performance.
Allows back up of setting as well as restore previous saved configuration.
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